Unhappy in Fulfilment?

Is it possible to be living in your answered prayers and yet be unhappy?

Hold on, before you answer, let me provide some context.

As humans, we, many times, have desires, heart longings, or prayer requests that we are looking forward to their fulfilment or manifestation. It could be a new job, a child, a new role, or a marital relationship. Most times, it would seem that getting these things would be a major source of happiness or fulfilment for one, but is it always true?

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Does getting a new job automatically imply a new level of happiness or fulfilment?
Would getting married or engaged really fulfil you?
Would birthing a child give you that feeling of wholeness you desire?

Why these questions you may ask?
I’ve been opportune to get answers to several of my heart’s desires and prayers, but I realise it doesn’t mean they won’t come with their own set of challenges.

Blazing the trail in new waters may come with feelings of loneliness, and questioning one’s decision among other feelings. Like a buyer’s remorse, you may feel sad even amid your answered prayers. Now, is this a bad feeling?

Getting a breakthrough may also come with new things to learn/do that may make you wonder if you really like the breakthrough.

Have you ever experienced this? When internal doubts and questions arise even in plenty, what do you do?
How do you ensure you stay grateful when challenges tempt you not to be?

This is more of an engagement post than a solution offering one. I’ll love to hear from you. Do share your thoughts with me in the comment section.

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  • Preciousbabs

    Yes I have experienced this and I am currently experiencing it, and it can be overwhelming such that it becomes difficult to stay grateful for the blessing. I think this feeling is common when the blessing comes with an “extra work”, or a bigger level of commitment and discipline. Then you start to wonder if it was worth it. Most times I have to consciously remind myself to be grateful for the blessing and to rest in God, so, I consistently tell myself whenever I am getting anxious that He provided the blessing, He will also provide the grace and fortitude I need to sustain the blessing. I also try to bring joy into this blessing, by this I mean I ensure I find happiness in the seemingly little things attached to this blessing, like the opportunity to meet new people in a new work environment, sharing the good news with my loved ones, etc. So yeah, it is possible to be in your feelings even after receiving what you have longed for. Sending warm hugs to you sis?❤️

    • Esther Omikunle

      Awnn, this is such a sweet and detailed response. Thank you for sharing, and yeah, warm hugs received with love.

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