Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Many times, we often feel comfortable with what we have always been used to. Our lives are usually controlled by routine and habits, and we never try to do things differently.

comfort zone

A comfort zone is defined as a situation where one feels safe or at ease; it is also defined as a settled method of work that requires little effort and yields barely acceptable results. It is that very comfortable place you love, but NOTHING EVER GROWS THERE.

One thing everyone should know is that staying within your comfort zone merely limits you and you will never have room for improvement. Many great things that were achieved by people were achieved outside of their comfort zones.

To better understand this post, read here on reasons why you should leave your comfort zone.

For better efficiency and maximum improvements in whatever it is we are doing, what ways then can we move off routine and habits?

Let’s get the ball rolling.

TAKE UP NEW CHALLENGES: people often feel comfortable when they just stay boxed up with what they have been used to. They never try to take up challenges, whether at work or in a team. When we often dodge new responsibilities and pass the buck to another, you cannot come out of your comfort zone because you would have failed to apply your mind to something new.

AIM TO STRETCH YOURSELF: you are at your best when you are stretched, not when you are at rest. Aim to go beyond your perceived limit, stretch yourself till you almost get to a breaking point, and you will see that the things you felt were beyond you are actually minor issues.

You can’t keep doing things the same way, the same time, and the same method and yet expect a different result. – Esthitude

BREAK OFF FROM YOUR USUAL ROUTINE: most of us live very predictable lives. It seems there is a life calendar we’ve drawn for ourselves, and breaking off to try something different seems a holy grail. The problem with routine living is that we remain stuck in our ways of doing things and we see any other task outside our routine as irrelevant. Breaking off from routine gives you the opportunity of trying out new stuffs.

comfort zone
270 success quotes- Maku Seun

BE CREATIVE: many people are plagued with this one-way, straight jacket boring thinking. We often claim “this is how it has been, will be and forever shall be.” New inventions are birthed from simple creativity, and that doesn’t happen in your comfort zone.

The comfort zone is sometimes the safest place to be, but it is also the most dangerous: for that is where many talents and skills have been buried.- Esthitude

BE INTENTIONAL: to be honest, breaking loose from your comfort zone may seem difficult and impossible. It is usually very hard to come out from your usual way of life. However, if you desire a change, you’ve got to be intentional. Make deliberate and conscious efforts to do new things daily or weekly, and you see yourself gradually stepping out of your comfort zone.

If you’ve been able to get out of your comfort zone at any point in time, or you have other ways to get out, please do share with us in the comment section.

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