Prayers of a Young Adult

As young adults, we go through different phases/seasons in life and sometimes we just want to give up on this whole adulting thingy….

I wrote this prayer to mirror some of the thoughts/prayers going on in the hearts of several young adults (especially, since I am a young adult myself).

I hope it blesses you, I pray you find relief for your burdens, I hope you find hope, I hope you laugh. Amen


Life is in seasons, I know
But is there a way I can unsubscribe from certain seasons?
Why do I have to go through so much pain?
Why do I have to deal with this anxiety?

To the right, I can smell fear
To the left, self-doubt
In front, fear of the future
At the back, some enemies lurk
Internally, there is turmoil

But the Bible says, surely there is an end
Why then does this continue?
Does God not see? Does He not know?
The song, “O yes, He cares” comes to mind

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And I, like David cry out
Deep calls onto the deep
And when my heart is overwhelmed,
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I

For I cannot bear this pain alone
Worry is eating deep into my bones
I need a refuge to run into
Cos the storms of life assail

And now, more than ever, I cry
If there is Someone who truly listens
If there’s someone who really cares
That You’ll come to my rescue and shield me from the storm

Be thou my refuge
Be thou my strong tower
Be thou my Light thru life’s dark storms
Be thou my Joy, my Hope, my Delight



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P.S: I believe this song will bless you.

Love and Light Always,


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