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The Promised Land: Of Waiting In Obscurity

When the doors will be opened, the gates lifted, and your prayers answered, it will be like a dream; everything will begin to work seamlessly, even the course of nature will agree with you.
But are you ready to wait through the obscurity and uncertainty?

When God calls us to believe: He calls us to unwavering faith, to total trust and submission to His will and ways. He hasn’t promised that the journey will be smooth, but He has promised to be with us through it all (Emmanuel).

Like our parents(well, most of them) love us and want to give us the best, this is also God’s desire for us, and even more; the only clause here is – His ways are not our ways, so He’ll not always do things the way we want or at the time we expect, yet He is an on-time God.

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Even as I write this, I am dealing with a waiting season that I fully do not understand, however, the story of Joseph, Mordecai, and some other scenarios have been playing in my head of recent.

Things like:

– How God works things out in the most unlikely ways.
– How we should not put our hopes in the words of men, cos there’s so much they can do.
– How when God is ready to bless and favor a man, even those angry at him cannot stop it.
– How God can answer prayers in the unlikeliest ways.
– How human timing is different from God’s timing, i.e. the way, manner and timing at which we want God to work doesn’t translate (many times) to how it will work.
– How divine timing compensates for the wait.

Promised Land
A backstory into how Mordecai was remembered for good. Esther ch 6
Mordecai story
May you also be remembered for good. Amen

There is so much going through my head that I want to write to you, but I’ll let this sum up my words: GOD SEES YOU, TRUST HIM.

You may be going through what you may call the worst spell of life’s tumult; you may feel like you’ve waited too long on a certain mountain; it may seem to be that no one cares or is watching out for you; or maybe words are not even enough to describe how you feel or what you are going through.

I’ll encourage you with the words in Matthew 11:28 – Come to Jesus, lay down all your burdens at His feet, you may let your tears fall at His feet, and cry out your heart to Him. He hears, He feels, He knows, He understands. He’ll come through for you.

Weeping may endure for the night, but Morning is coming. Joy comes in the morning ?? Click To Tweet

Weeping may endure for the night; you may have spent a long time, like Joseph in the prison, waiting in obscurity; you may have been persecuted like Mordecai; and like the Children of Israel, you may have waited a long time for the Promised Land; I’ve got good news, MORNING IS COMING.

The fog will lift, your enemies will serve you, you will be honored and celebrated, you will get to the Promised Land.

Love and Light Always,
The Father’s Daughter,

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