Love Letters to Abba

Love Letters to Abba

I didn’t start out with a goal to write a book, especially not this book. But having embraced a lifestyle of flexibility and dependence on the Holy Spirit, I stayed open and sensitive to whatever instructions He may send my way.

In 2020, I started intentional gratitude journaling, separate from my regular journaling but at the beginning of this year, I received an instruction to do a compilation of my gratitude entries/love notes to God into a book.


At first, I was like whattt, a book? This year?

But I obeyed and let the words flow.

It has been a journey of faith, learnings, and pushing myself and I’m absolutely ecstatic about this book.

To me, it is more than a book; it is an instruction, and I believe a movement God is going to use to draw people closer to Himself.

I’ll so happy to share this book with you??????

Love Letters to Abba

What exactly is God’s Love Language?

Are you always asking, requesting, complaining without looking for new ways to show love and gratitude? Or are you looking for ways to truly show love and appreciation, especially to God?

This book is for you. The one seeking to develop an intentional and more intimate relationship with Abba. The one who desires more out of life.

It is a compilation of a girl’s adulation for her Father, a challenge to The Father’s children, a call to something deeper.


An expression of my love for all that God has been to me, you may call it The Psalms of Esther.

It started as an instruction to share my love notes and gratitude journals to God with you but has grown to become a tool to help me and you seek a more intimate relationship with Abba.

It is my hope that this book will inspire you to pursue a deeper, personal, and more intimate walk with God.

Love Letters to Abba