Ode on a Resurrection Morn

He is not here
He is risen

The One whom you seek
The One you served is risen

Death could not hold Him down
The grave could never stop Him

Everything is going has planned
Hell can never win, cos heaven already won

Look, see where He was laid
He is no longer here

The silence has been shattered
It is resurrection morn

Now, that sickness has no place there
Resurrection power is at work

Open your heart,
Accept, Believe, and Confess the Savior as your Lord

Newness is here
It is the resurrection morning

A new covenant is here
A covenant of life

You too can partake of this
It is resurrection morn

Oh, death, where is your sting?
Oh, grave, where is your victory?

Jesus has won it all
He won it all for us

And so I rejoice, cos victory is here
It is the Resurrection Morning


Happy Easter Sunday, dear reader, I pray that the resurrection power will work wonders in your life and bring you newness. Amen.

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