We live in a really crazy world where everything keeps us on our toes and often our nervous are often on alert. From the hustle and bustle of trying to make ends meet, to having to take care of kids (for those that have), and the many other things that keeps our day going, it is without doubt that at one point or the other, we will be stressed, either for a couple of hours, days or even months.

How then can we deal with this inevitable plague to reduce the impact of stress for healthier living. The power and the will to reduce stress in your life starts with you, yes YOU!

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Hope you won’t be surprised if I tell you to drink plenty of water. Yes, water has a way of relieving you of stress, when the heat level in your body has passed the normal level. There was a time I was having a terrible headache as a result of the day’s stress. I was told by someone that I should drink enough water, and lo, it worked. Water, rather than drinks laced with caffeine is better for you. Now that you’ve taken water, is that all?


During the day, squeeze out time to take a break. Sadly, your kind of work or activity may be one that gives no room for breaks, but I tell you, a ten to fifteen minutes break during the day to stretch out yourself or get some fresh air will help you to keep calm and maintain balance. Now that you have taken out time to relax, what next?

Reduce screen time. One thing that really drains the little energy out of us after along day is the screen; either the TV screen or the phone screen. One thing I noticed is that I lose more energy and do not feel like doing anything after I’m done hugging my phone. The best bet for you is to switch off your gadgets or keep them far from where you want to sleep so you are able to get enough rest for the next day’s hustle. So, what next?

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Get more sleep. Thought this may not be all together possible in our own clime because of the need to wake up early to catch with opening time after getting back late from work, you could implement this during the weekends. At least, if the week does not afford you the opportunity of having a good sleep, you can be deliberate in indulging yourself in more sleep during the weekend. Also ensure that you close all mental tabs that may be running in your brain before bedtime, so as to catch enough sleep before the cock crows. And finally!

Rest if you are ill. One thing we should all know is that we cannot deprive the body of the needed rest. It has a way of demanding for rest. The moment you begin to have tell tale signs of illness, please REST before you pack up.

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