Feature Friday: Meet The CEO and Organic Formulator of Shanyi Organics, Grace Okoli.

Your purpose is in God, go find Him first, develop an intimate relationship with Him and watch Him lead you through life. -Grace Okoli

Yaay, I’m so excited today. Guess why? I’m starting a new category on the blog today ??.

I told y’all, it’s all about being INTENTIONAL this year.

Wanna know what the category is about? Yea, it is the Feature Friday Section.. Somebody say Ahooooooo!!! *inserts dancing emoticon*

This means that I’ll be featuring beautiful and amazing people with different life lessons to learn from them.

The first person to grace this section is a beautiful friend and sister. I met her in December of 2015 through a friend, and she has been amazing. She is young (amazingly so), and she has so many things going on in her life that you definitely need to know about and also learn from.

Her name is Grace Chinomso Okoli a.k.a Shanyi, the CEO Shanyi Organics and Shanyi Couture. She is an entrepreneur, a  modest fashionista and she is just 23 years old (yeah, told ya!).

She is fine like that, and yeah, she made the gown that she is wearing

Sit back, grab your popcorn, take a sip of coffee or tea, and enjoy our conversation.

TEP: Hi dear, it’s a pleasure having you here. Can we meet you please?

Shanyi: I am Grace Okoli, God’s chaser and favorite daughter, a trained but not practicing Medical Microbiologist, an entrepreneur and the present CEO and Organic Formulator of Shanyi Organics.

TEP: You seem to have a lot going on in your life; Shanyi Organics, The Shanyi Life, Shanyi Couture.
How did they come about? Did you always dream of being a blogger and an entrepreneur? Or did you just stumble upon these things?

Shanyi: It’s the Shanyi Life.
Hmmn, I never really dreamed of being an entrepreneur even though I’ve never liked the idea of working under someone. Also, I won’t say I stumbled into entrepreneurship. It has probably been an innate ability I’ve always had but didn’t utilize.

Face of a goal smasher

TEP: So far, how has it been? You being young and being a female too (considering our culture), how have you been able to manage it all?

Shanyi: It’s been an amazing journey; learning new things, meeting lovely people, breaking new grounds, setbacks, disapointments and lots of progress.


TEP: Wow, so what are the major challenges you have faced so far? And how have you been able to overcome them?

Shanyi: The major challenge I had at some point was lack of funds but I had to devise a means of using what I had at every given time to do what I had to do, because most times the bigger funds or opportunities would not be available exactly when you need them.

TEP: What makes you tick? What drives you?

Shanyi: My dreams, my aspirations.

If you can think it, it can happen. Just start.

TEP: What is your go-to quote?

Shanyi: If you can think it, it can happen. Just start.

TEP: Where do you see yourself and your enterprises in five years time?

Shanyi: Whoosh!! A renowned female preacher, with 3 established global business empires, married to my Prince Charming and a mother of the cutest son ever.

You hear that people? (Great Girl, Big Dreams, and a Bigger God).

You can’t ‘Become’ anything if you don’t know your Creator (God) and yourself.

TEP: What do you have to say to young people out there (especially ladies) that are trying to make something good out of their life and ‘Become’?

Shanyi : You can’t ‘Become’ anything if you don’t know your Creator (God) and yourself. Your purpose is in God, go find Him first, develop an intimate relationship with Him and watch Him lead you through life. There’d still be challenges but there’s nothing as soothing as living life with God constantly by your side. You’d find yourself laughing at trials and tribulations because you know that He that is with you is greater than any challenge the devil throws at you.

TEP: Thank you so much for your time dear, how can we connect with you?

Shanyi: Thanks for having me here. 

Okoli Grace Chinomso – Facebook 
@theshanyilife – Instagram

Well, who had an awesome time? Raise your hand to indicate. I sure did????.

P.S: Shanyi Organics has just released new products for natural hair care; if you are a natural hair babe or if you know one, you might want to check them out. Thank me later ??

So dear friends, I’m sure you’ve learnt something new today.

You are not too young to start achieving your goals and you are not too old too. I hope you are charged up to smash those goals you’ve set (If you’ve not set goals, it’s not too late yet).

Watch this space for more interesting features, and never let anything stop you on your journey to ‘Becoming’.

Have an awesome weekend.

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