8 Things I Do When I Am Having A Bad Day or Feel Down

We’ve all got our bad days. Days when things are not going as planned, you’ve had a bad experience, you are not feeling well, you missed an important deal or got embarrassed publicly, you have a mood swing or you just plain tired of being single.

We all have our down times, thanks to God that these times do not last. Yes, it may take a day or more, but it is definite that that bad day or experience will pass and you’ll get over it.

Some days it’s easier to overcome a bad mood; some other times, bad mood/days could last a week, month or year depending on the cause. However, I’ll encourage you not to give in to depression due to a bad situation or mood; no matter what you are going through I want you to remember this verse –

Even a tree has more hope! If it is cut down, it will sprout again and grow new branches… at the scent of water it will bud and sprout again like a new seedling. Job 14:7-9 NLT

No matter what you are going through, remember there’s hope. Hold on to that tiny thread of hope in your heart.

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So what do I do when I’m having a bad day?

Overcome Bad Day

Below are 8 simple things I do to overcome a bad day, there may be more, but this 8 I can remember right now.

1. Self-motivation or a personal pep talk. I use this method a lot. I remind myself that this too shall pass. Of course, the head knows this, but it is difficult for the heart to accept, so I have to repeat this over and over again.

Sometimes the heart listens, other times, well, I try another method.

2. Listen to upbeat music. This helps sometimes; playing fast, upbeat music sometimes helps me achieve a mood shift or reset.

For instance, if I wake up not feeling very excited about the day, I play songs like Jamie Grace’s A beautiful day or Good morning by Mandisa.

3. Talk to God about it. This works a lot for me. Wherever I may be at that moment, I just take some time to tell God exactly how I’m feeling and how it is affecting me.

Many times, this gives me strength and encouragement to go on.

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4. Talk to a friend. I’m not really good at sharing my life with people. Many times it’s just me, my journal and God. Recently though, I had an experience that made me realize the importance of talking to the “right” people.

I was going through an emotional issue that was affecting me and my duties. Thankfully, I attended an event where one of the speakers told us how sharing with the right people helped her overcome. So I prayed to God asking Him to connect me with someone I can share with and boy, did He?

A friend’s name came to mind and I spoke to her about what I was going through – she encouraged me, we prayed together and that issue has since become a bygone (been dealing with it for years prior to me sharing with a friend).

5. Just sleep it over. Worrying never did any good, fam.

Sometimes when I’m trying to resolve an issue and it’s not working or I’m just having a bad day, going to sleep helps. Not that it takes the problem away, however, I wake up many times refreshed and ready to deal with the issue with fresh energy and vigour.

6. Do nothing. Wait it out. Just like with sleeping, if I can’t do anything about it and there is no sleeping opportunity, I either do something else, take a break or just wait it out.

There was a day I had a major disagreement with someone at work. This really affected my mood and I just didn’t want to do any work after that; so I took a walk, with my ears plugged, listening to music while I prayed to God about it. Then I called a friend and explained what I was going through.

This calmed me down and helped me think more rationally, with this I found a solution to the cause of the disagreement.

7. Positive confessions and affirmative visualization. This has been my “lucky charm” especially this month. I read the book The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and it changed my perspective. So now when I’m having a bad day, I say things like – “It’s fine; I can handle this; I know just the right solution to this”. As I affirm this, I picture myself in that mood of what I am saying and before you know, I feel an inflow of energy and I can tackle the problem better.

8. Write. Just like I am doing now *smiles*. At the time when I started writing this I was really feeling down, but getting to this point, I am smiling cos I am able to reflect on the methods I’ve written and it has encouraged me that this too shall pass.

Writing helps –  you can get a journal and just write out how you feel and how you actually hope to feel. Confess that you are feeling well and visualize yourself in a happier mood.

Do you feel better already? Well I am feeling better and I am encouraged to go back to my tasks.

I hope this post has encouraged you who may be going through down times. Remember this too shall pass. No matter how long the night is, MORNING SHALL COME.

Because you read up to this point, I have a bonus tip for you on how to control fear or anger.

If you notice that you are getting anxious or angry, instead of counting 1-10 under your breath, try reciting the first 10 words of the Lord’s prayer – “Our Father who hath in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.” Before you get to the 10th word, you should start feeling calmer, yeah? .

Did you try it? Did it work? Of course, right? *winks*

I learned that from my book “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.

Quick Note: You’ll be fine, someone is praying for you right now. I’m sending lots of positive vibes and energy your way right now. *Cyberhugs*

What methods do you use to overcome when you are having a bad day? Please share with me in the comment section below, let’s learn together.

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