February 2017

Calm Assurance || Happy February

Happy February Fam, welcome to the second month of 2017.

March born
News Alert : I AM MARCH-BORN. iQueen, iWin. Yea, I know it is February, So What? 


My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.

What a phrase; what a message;
What a balm; what an assurance.

You know that feeling when you are in the blues and all confused, and all you pray for is an upliftment from the Savior. Then you pick up your devotional to study and His word comes like a river of life refreshing your parched soul.

His Word though like a hammer, breaking the hardened heart, is also like a river soothing the hurting soul.

When you feel weak and down, it is not a time to indulge in self-pity, rather, it is a time to let His strength be manifested in you.

When it feels like “is God really here?”; “does He cares?”; “are things going to turn out fine?”; “is it going to be well?”….then He gently whispers “MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR THEE“.

So dear friends, welcome to February and the stark realisation that 2017 is already beginning to fly away. And as February begins to fly, rest in the assurance that God’s grace is sufficient for you and that all things are working for your good.

This is not the time to rest on your oars, it is the time to kick in, dig in and be INTENTIONAL in all you are doing.

I wish you an amazing month.
Your friend, Esthitude.

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