Two weeks ago, I was opportune to attend the second edition of FEMFUNDS Workshop. It was a great event and well-coordinated, a hall filled with women ready to learn and share.

On arriving at the event, registration was confirmed and each participant was given a pen and a planner. Did I mention that it was a free event put together by Glory Osei?

Attending the event, I saw women who were ready to be more, break forth and smash glass ceilings. The facilitators (some of my faves were there) were on point, sharing practical lessons, plus there was free food, drinks and then cool music, yea, Johnny Drille closed the event with a live performance of three of his hit songs.

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Below, I shared my note from the event. I hope you find a lesson or ten that will inspire you.

Chika Uwazie on Why Storytelling is Important in Your Business.

Storytelling is important in business and you can use it to get investors and also communicate clearly with your target audience. Clearly communicate-

  1. Why you are in that business
  2. The problem you are trying to solve
  3. How is it going to make money – know your numbers
  4. Learn to clearly articulate your story

To articulate your business story, you can use a business canvas.

Afua Osei on Building a Digital Tribe/ Audience

  1. What is your purpose?
  2. What do you want to be known for?
  3. What is your vision, voice and focus?

Vision: Does your brand have a mission statement?

  • Who you are
  • What do you do?
  • How do you do it?
  • Who do you do it for?
  • How do you do it better than anyone else?

Voice: If your brand was a person,

  • Who will she be?
  • What will she sound like?
  • What will she look like?
  • Be consistent with your voice
  • Understand your unique voice and use it for your audience


  • Define at least two metrics to measure progress
  • Keep learning
  • Be focused on your target market
  • Know whose problem you are solving and why they should care
  • Do not be pressured to be on every platform, choose one or two main platforms (social media)
  • Connect with your target audience and refine your content

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Chinny Ogunro on Purpose

  1. What is your purpose in terms of your goals?
  2. What do you want from your life?
  3. What are you uniquely capable of doing?
  4. What value are you adding?

General Notes:

  1. Execution Matters – be deliberate in your actions.
  2. Talent + Hard work – hard work will beat talent every single time if talent does not work hard.
  3. Focus on your own goals.
  4. Be intentional in all you do.
  5. What legacy do you want to leave behind in life?
  6. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?
  7. Have a tribe – a group of women that you can share your ideas with.
  8. Never compromise excellence.
  9. The engine of your wealth will come from constantly increasing your earning potential.
  10. Balance your investment with your lifestyle goals.
  11. Use your resources efficiently.
  12. Know and measure your net worth (assets – liabilities) regularly.
  13. Create a spending plan (expenses, short-term savings, investments, etc.).

I hope you’ve learned a point or two from my notes.

Cheers to a more excellent life.

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