Life in Retrospect: A Review of 2018 + My Blogging Journey

Happy new year, dear readers. Long time no blog post (covers face).

It’s been 3 years plus of doing this and the reason for starting to blog hasn’t changed, it has only gotten better.

Looking at my life over the past 3 years, one of the major things I am thankful for is progress and growth. You’ll be amazed how many people get stuck in their past that they can’t even progress in their lives.

Starting the blog in August of 2015, my goal was to shine my light on the web, contribute positively to the people that come across my blog and also share some of my write-ups with people.

See the first post published on the blog. Warning – don’t laugh too much.

Over the past years, the blog has grown, we went from to, we had and have contributors on the blog and I’ve had several writing gigs.

It’s indeed been an interesting journey. Apart from the blog, I have grown in my career and created platforms for other things I’m passionate about.

2018 Review

I actually planned to make this post a review of 2018 and inspire you to start 2019 on a great note, however, I slipped into thinking back and writing on how the blog started.


So, I want to ask you this question: how often do you just sit back and review your life?
Think back on the successes and go through the motions of how it came about, the factors that led to it etc.
Think back on the failures/lessons and decipher the likely causes, what you could have done better and how you could have avoided it.

Doing regular life reviews will help you analyse your life, see whether you are advancing or retrogressing, understand yourself better, enhance your thinking, among other benefits.

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As we start 2019, take time to do a review of your life in 2018. Here are some questions to guide you:

1. What goals did I set in 2018?
2. Looking back on the year, how do I rate my general experience on a scale of 1 – 10?
3. What were my major successes in the year, what triggered them?
4. Any major highlights of the year?
5. What were the fatal lessons in 2018?
6. How could I have avoided them?
7. If 2018 were a movie, how did it go?
8. If I were to do 2018 again, what would I remove, what would I add?

Remember that you’ve been given a clean slate to write in 2019, dealing with 2018 will give you an open and rejuvenated mind to deal with 2019.

I wish you a productive, prosperous and intentional 2019.
Lots of love from your favorite lifestyle blogger, Esthitude.

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