Lofty Heights Conference 22018

Notes From Lofty Heights Conference 2018, Rethink.

Lofty Heights Conference 2018, themed Rethink was really lit.

Lofty heights conference is an annual inspirational gathering designed to empower participants to be the best in their chosen fields and live a purposeful life that is built on excellence. It is a gathering that helps participants get clarity on goals and visions for the new year, hence, why it holds at the start of each year.

Lofty Heights Conference
List of speakers

Lofty Heights Conference 2018 was my first time attending the Lofty Heights Conference since it’s inception and I’m super glad I did.

Lofty Heights Conference 2018
The size of your wallet is the size of your mind. Can I hear an Ahooo!

The conference took place on the 21st of January at Pistis Hub, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria and the hall was full to the brim with over 2000 participants from across different walks of life and different parts of the country.

The event was slated to start by 9 am but I got there late due to another appointment I had. Nevertheless, the sessions I met were enough to get me charged; though it pained me that I missed Lanre Olusola and Jimi Tewe, I was glad I attended Ubong King’s session.

Let me share some of my notes and notes a friend shared with me.

Notes from my new blogger friend, Adedamola of Stitched Perfect blog.


The first Session was inspirational Heart to Heart session with a lawyer who has cerebral palsy and also advocates for people with disabilities, Oluwatobiloba Iseoluwa Ajayi.
Summary: God takes your mess and makes a message from it. The whole essence of life is to find out why we are here. When you understand the why, then commit yourself to living out the Why.

The second was a Panel Session with Jimi Time and Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo. Summary: find a problem and provide a solution for it. Your products are an extension of you so your self-esteem matters. Are you building a business Or a vision?

The third session was with Lantern Olusola.
Summary: Your thoughts create your world. Thoughts and Perceptions have a great influence on your decision making. To become a powerful man you must be a positive thinker.


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I got there in time to meet a panel session with David Wej and Seyi Law, the session was anchored by Ayo Mario-Ese. The panel session was both interesting and enlightening.

Major Takeaways:-

  1. To get business right in Nigeria, get your product right, then get the right customers.
  2. Anything you are doing that didn’t take a conscious decision, it’ll fizzle out; you must consciously know why you are doing what you are doing.
  3. Never ever stop doing you, no matter the pressure.
  4. There is no problem that cannot wait.
  5. Pricing is key when you are trying to get customers; understand your customers buying power.
  6. In the Nigerian market, you can’t rule out creditors especially when you are starting out.

The session that had me scribbling down very fast, filling over two pages of my book and shouting Ahoo was the session by my Big Uncle, Ubong King, if you know, you know (winks).

Lofty Heights Conference 22018

His session was so powerful, it pained me the more that I missed his conference, Thinkation 2018.

Major Lessons from his session:

  1. If you don’t follow your passion, you’ll end up in frustration.
  2. At 20, you are allowed to experiment and make mistakes; at 30, you should be an expert in your field.
  3. If at the age of 18, you can be trained and trusted with a gun in the army, at 20, you can be trusted to take your life into your hands.
  4. Hunger is a gift of God to man.
  5. If you are not ready to hear an insult, you are not ready to start.
  6. Pain is the downpayment for gain; you are not authorized to eat sweet until you sweat.
  7. If you cannot sell, you cannot make money.
  8. The day you decide your target; your direction will appear.
  9. Compete with the best in the world, not in your locality.
  10. Copy the style of the people you want to be like until you become like them.
  11. A vision is not for you, it is for the future. Start thinking of tomorrow, because tomorrow has started.

Are these words speaking to you? I could go on sharing my notes with you, but what will you do with the ones I have shared?

…and I thought I am tall.

Take time to go through this note, the theme of the conference is Rethink; so grab a sit this weekend and do a rethink of who you are and where you are going.
Remember, WE ARE OWNING 2018.

Apart from taking notes, I took pictures (of course), met old friends, I also met online friends and team members physically for the first time and made new friends. It was really a great event.

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Pictures speak:

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