5 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy During School Holiday

Now that exams are over, what next? Have fun, have fun and have fun.
Well, this is what many do all through the holiday, and eventually, have nothing to show forth in the end.
The holiday should be a period when you desire that you do something productive, add value to yourself and those around, and perhaps build your future. Let me show you how.

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The Tribers Beach Hangout : A Networking Event For Network Shy Folks

TTBH is themed Intentional Networking; A Networking Event for Network Shy Folks. The aim is to create a laidback environment where people can learn and practice the basics of networking, have fun and start building the right network in a relaxed environment.

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3 Quick Travel Hacks Every Traveler Need To Know

So today, as my I read through my bloglovin’ feed, I stumbled on some interesting travel tips; so, I decided to share these goodies with you (and not be selfish).

If you are like me and you like travelling or you are planning to travel and explore different continents, it’s best to start preparing from now…

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