The Tribers Beach Hangout : A Networking Event For Network Shy Folks

How many times have you attended an event because of someone you want to see or meet but on sighting the person, the spirit of fear/shyness swallows you up insomuch that you remain rooted to your seat?

Most of us have an innate desire to look self-assured, express ourselves with confidence and make the best of opportunities life throws at us.

However, many times when such opportunities come our way, we are either cowering in fear or swallowed up by timidity and we only regain ourselves after the opportunity is lost.

Should we talk about that time when you had just 60 seconds to pitch your brand to a potential investor, but it was at that point you encountered a stammering spasm and you lost that opportunity.

Let’s not mention the fact that if your networth were money, your account balance would be begging for help.

Shyness, fear, timidity, lack of self-confidence are all anti-network agents. Realising the fact that your network is your networth, it is only right that you start building the right networth and that through intentional networking.

The Tribers Beach Hangout (TTBH) is an initiative of The Outliers, an organization focused on touching lives through events.

TTBH is themed Intentional Networking; A Networking Event for Network Shy Folks. The aim is to create a laidback environment where people can learn and practice the basics of networking, have fun and start building the right network in a relaxed environment.

TTBH is for both entrepreneurs, career-oriented folks, students and anyone who wishes to get out of their shy-nest.

The Hangout will feature seasoned resource persons handling several sessions, team bonding activities and games, food, and fun in a playful and casual environment. Just perfect, right?

Event Details:-

Date: 9th, December 2017
Time: 9am
Venue: Oniru Beach, Lagos
Admission (plus beach entrance fee): #4000, early bird discount – #3000 till 31st, October 2017. * I know right, very affordable*

One little detail I didn’t mention is that The Outliers is founded by your own girl, Esthitude. *takes a bow*

The Outliers is a social enterprise with the aim of touching lives through events and TTBH is one of the ways through which we aim to achieve this.

After attending several events and realizing the costly effects of shyness, fear and timidity, I knew that I had to organize an event like this and trust me, you have to attend this event. And what better venue is there to learn, network and enjoy, than at the beach?

Payment Details: Account Name- Omikunle Esther Funmilayo.
Account Number – 2051128054
Bank – UBA
After payment, kindly send an email to with proof of payment

For Partnership and Sponsorship, also send an email to

For event updates, follow our page on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I look forward to seeing you’all at the hangout and definitely, we are going to have a The Esthitude Place Tribers selfie (whoops, I’ve let out how the Tribers came to be)


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