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Fulfilling Purpose: 6 Lessons To Learn From The Story of The Blind Man

Hi, folks. Today, I’ll like to share some of the important lessons from the story of the blind man as recorded in the Bible, specifically from John 9: 1-5

The Bible passage above tells the story of Jesus and His disciples walking on a particular road; as they walked by, they saw a blind man sitting by the roadside apparently begging for alms.

blind man
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Then, the following conversation ensued between Jesus and His Disciples.

Disciples: Jesus, what sin did this man commit that made him blind?

Jesus: The man didn’t commit any sin, neither did his parents commit any sin that made him blind.

Disciples: So, why was he born blind?

Jesus: That the works of the Father might be manifested.


From the summarized story above, there are so many lessons to learn and I’m going to be sharing them with you in a bit.

1. There’s a purpose for your life, a need for you to meet.

In this scenario, the purpose/need for Jesus to meet was the healing of the blind man.

What is the need for which you were created? The purpose for which you were formed?

It is important to know that no one was created to be useless. The blind man was created to show forth the Works of the Father and that by Jesus healing him, then he going forth to testify.

2. The purpose of your life is for the Works of the Father (i.e. God).

You are not living for yourself, I’m very sure you didn’t create yourself.
God created you and gave you the Breath of Life; as He gave you the breath of life, He also gave you a purpose or maybe, several purposes for you to fulfil.
It is your duty to find/discover that purpose and then fulfil it.

3. Ask questions.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the Bible, especially from Jesus’s Disciples, it is the importance of asking questions.
Most of Jesus words/admonition in the New Testament were a result of questions asked Him by His disciples, the Pharisees, etc.

4. You must be open to seeing the needs around you.

You can only solve a problem or meet a need that you are aware of. Open your eyes to your surroundings and you’ll see needs to be met; open the eyes of your mind by God’s help and you’ll know how to meet those needs and solve those problems.

It is noteworthy that you can’t solve all the world’s problem. Instead of focusing on solving so many things, focus on the o e or two that are most dear to your heart and solve those ones.

5. Always remember why you’re on earth.

Jesus made this already; He puts it this way – I MUST WORK THE WORKS OF HIM THAT SENT ME WHILE IT IS DAY……
God created you and placed you here for His own purpose. Always remember that.

6. You will not be here forever.

…..THE NIGHT COMETH WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK. We are not going to be here forever, even Methuselah died after over 900 years on earth.

Live life fulfilling purpose, serving, giving, making impact and pleasing God.

At the end, it isn’t going to be about the wealth you accumulated, neither will it be about the titles/accolades you accrued; it will be about how you lived.


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