5 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy During School Holiday

Holiday is coming, holiday is coming; no more morning class, no more lecturers scowl, goodbye lecturers, goodbye lecturers, I am going to spend my jolly holiday.

–Remember this song?

Now that exams are over, what next? Have fun, have fun and have fun.

Well, this is what many do all through the holiday, and eventually have nothing to show forth in the end. Let me shock you, there is more to life than fun.

The holiday should be a period when you desire that you do something productive, add value to yourself and those around, and perhaps build your future.

Let us take together a walk the down road of things that can be done to make the holiday worthwhile.

Let the drums roll!!!

1) INTERNING AIN’T A BAD STUFF: During school session, you must have learnt some theoretical jargon that looks all abstract, and so far from reality. Why not put all those knowledge you’ve acquired into good use by interning at an office that goes in line with your field of study.

By interning, you have a leverage over others who just stop at theory, rather than go practical.

Well, the thought of money will definitely cross your mind in a bid to intern- as per you won’t want to do free work. Anyways, you may not get paid, but you will get skilled.

2) SKILL ACQUISITION: You’re home, and you don’t want to intern, well, there is another way out; learn a skill. In reality, the time we live in, one can’t just afford to be skillless.

Developing a skill now might go a long way later on; you never can tell where you will meet yourself tomorrow.

Skills such as graphic design, photography, fashion designing and many more are really cool, and it can take you to places you never imagined.

3) BOOK IS BAE: Readers are leaders, you know. Develop your brain power by reading books that develop your intellectual reasoning. Lest I forget, the best place to be is in the pages of a good book.

Reading grants you access to information you may never know if you do not open a book. Your mindset and world view is shapened when you live in the world of good books.

4) INVEST IN YOURSELF: Make a life long investment in yourself; no one would. You alone can make yourself a better person .

Do something today that makes you better than you were yesterday. Every second, every moment, and every day counts. INVEST.

5) BUILD YOUR SPIRIT MAN: Saving the best for the last- the bottom of the pot is always sweeter. You can’t go farther than your spirit man can take you.

Let the period of the holiday be a time for retreat, rejuvenation, and refreshing. Grow in the Spirit and grow in grace.

After all, is said and done, the things that matter most are those that count in eternity…

Is your school on vacation? What will you be doing this holiday? How do you normally maximize your holiday?

Share with me below. As for me, reading all along.

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