3 Quick Travel Hacks Every Traveler Need To Know

The term “traveler” as used in the title means someone who likes to travel a lot. In Yoruba, we call such persons, Ajala.

If you remember from my post on Top 5 Places I’ll Like To Visit In Lagos, I mentioned that I liked exploring new places, but I don’t like travelling much ?? (no, don’t roll your eyes at me)…

Anyways, in order to satiate my wanderlust, I feed on a lot of travel posts from my bloglovin‘ feed (you can follow this blog on bloglovin’ by clicking on this link ). Also, I watch NatGeoWild and Discovery Channels whenever I’m chanced.

So today, as I read through my bloglovin’ feed, I stumbled on some interesting travel tips; so, I decided to share these goodies with you (and not be selfish).

If you are like me and you like travelling or you are planning to travel and explore different continents, it’s best to start preparing from now…

Calling those things that be not as though they are, yeah?

So what are the goodies I want to share with you? See below:

1. Packing Tips + How To Travel Alone

When it comes to packing for a trip or for anything, I’m quite bad at it. So, posts like this and watching my younger sister pack (she is very good at packing for trips), helps me know how to get myself together when planning a trip. Key points:

— Pack LIGHT!
— Pack a few self-love/comfort items to remind you of home and pamper yourself on the road.
— Bring a journal (for me, this is super important).
To read more you can visit her blog.

2. 18 Easy Tips That Can Save You a Fortune on Your Next Trip

One thing that can be a major mood spoiler when planning a trip is the amount of money it gon’ cost you. I remember a discussion my colleagues were having one time on whether 1 million naira is enough when saving up for a vacation/trip to the USA.

I mean, that is enough discouragement already, it would be nice to know ways on how to reduce costs when planning a trip. That is what this post by Talia is about.

Though it is targeted for people in places like Europe, etc., one can tweak it and learn a point or two.

3. 6 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

Still on cutting costs when on a trip/vacation, this is another post I loved.

It covered getting accommodation at a cheaper rate, knowing the best transportation to use in a foreign land, eating plans, shopping and activities you can carry out.

You can read the full post here.

I’m sure you’ve learnt a thing or two. Don’t worry, you can thank me by dropping a comment and also sharing the posts with your friends.

Anybody ready to start planning their travelling schedule for next year? Share with me places that you’ll like to visit before the end of the year 2018. See you in the comment section below.

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