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Worship As A Tool for Breakthrough

Life, as they say, no balance.

Many people are going through difficult situations, some of which they can’t share even with the person closest to them and these problems or challenges sometimes get so tough, and lead to doubt, depression, and sometimes death.

However, some people have been able to rise even from the most difficult of challenges or circumstances. One of the many ways through which this is achieved is Worship; stay with me as I explain to you how true worship can become a tool for your breakthrough.

Recently, I was listening to a song by Dunsin Oyekan titled I’ll Be Here while I read a Bible Passage in John Chapter 1 vs 5 and then something in my head clicked – how praise and true worship can be a tool of deliverance, a channel of light for those who are groping in darkness and that’s what inspired this write up.

Light shines in darkness
John 1:5

I hope it blesses you.


It was dark. Everywhere.
People groped in the darkness
The darkness was terrifying
Deep like a sore it dug into their souls

In fear they began to quake
They thought that was how it would end
Hope was like an ideology no one understood
Doubt, Questions, Fear, Anger was the norm

And then it happened
It was a sound, a sound from a child
Somewhere in the darkness
Hope like a candle light flickered in the bosom of a child

Then he began to sing a song he once heard
A song of worship
A song of helpless surrender
And they all, in their weakened state, began to sing

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It was then they noticed
The sprinkle of light that increased as they sang
So, they sang more, they chanted, and worshipped
And the light grew, it shone more and more

It was a revealing light
One the darkness couldn’t put out
One that gave them sight
To see that the key to their freedom was just by them

And so they realised
That worship was a weapon
A weapon for their deliverance
A tool for their breakthrough

The more they sang,
The more they discovered solutions to their problems
The more they worshipped
The more they realized that Light brings freedom


What challenges are you facing currently?

What are the issues bothering you?

What circumstances are stressing you out?

I encourage you to try the weapon of true and sincere worship and you’ll be amazed at how God will come through for you.

I pray that you find peace, freedom and solutions to all that you are facing.

P.S: The concept of Worship As a Tool for Breakthrough was exemplified in the Scriptures in 2 Chronicles 20: 21 – 27You can read it  for better understanding.

Love and Light Always,


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