A Dark Night: Journal of A Nigerian Youth

Deadline at work. Took a nap to regain energy.

Woke up to the sight of blood on our country’s flag. Innocent citizens killed by men of the Armed Forces even as they raised the Nigerian flag and sang the National Anthem. On  20-10-2020

I cried.
I was angry.
I got numb.
Didnt know what to think or pray.

How did we get here?

People peacefully protesting against Police Brutality only to be brutally killed by the ones who were supposed to protect them.

Was supposed to go off social media. Couldn’t.
Kept seeing the image of the flag covered in blood.

For 12 days the Nigerian Youths protested against a unit of the police that had gone rogue, but the president did not deem it fit to grant them a live broadcast on how issues will be fixed. Just audio bans everywhere.

Now they let thugs loose on the streets, and do nothing about it.

Now, the ones who swore to protect us are the ones killing us.

Now, the blood of innocent souls have been spilled unjustly.

Weak, sad and broken, I scroll thru social media. Work forgotten. How can I work when I realize how unsafe I am in a country I call home?

I try to sleep. 1 hour later I am awake.

Bad dreams and Nightmares chasing away whatever sleep I am trying to find.

And so I journal.

I have questions; I have fears; but thankfully, I have Jesus.

This is not a writeup with any intention to be grammatically or socially pleasing. Just the thoughts running through the mind of a Nigerian Youth on a black Wednesday morning.

Jesus, are these also part of the signs of your coming?
Can you please rise in your judgement and judge the evil doers?

Innocent bloods. Blood shed. Blood crying out for judgement. How did we get here?

Where do we go from here?

Not sure if I can sleep again, but I can pray. I’m going to let my pained heart be the words of my prayer.

Nigeria is over to you, Lord. Arise in Righteousness and Justice and rule this land.


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