Water Rationing : Life of a Nigerian Corper

Have you ever been in a situation where every measure of water you use has to be measured?

Not one drop more, not one drop less.

Water measuring in process. 

NYSC has really opened my eyes to new experiences.

If you’ve read my posts on my NYSC experiences, you’ll understand that I’m serving in a village (a creek) with little basic amenities.

One of the basic essential that we do not have is WATER. Yes o, we do not have water in my ppa; we are left to depend on rain water. You can read more on my ppa experience here.

Recently, rain hasn’t been falling well and I’ve begun to know what it means to manage water.

As in, when we send students to fetch water, we’ll have to measure the water.

Let’s say, the students fetched 6 buckets for us; we’ll divide the water by 4 people. So, I’ll get one and half bucket measured accurately. We have a ‘water measuree‘ in our lodge, she’s so accurate.

Moiself and fellow Corp members (notice the background).


Seriously, it hasn’t been easy. I can’t believe that I’m living this kind of life. Right now, I have to watch the amount of water I use to cook, to wash my plates, to have my bath….

In short, you dare not use water that you payed for to flush the toilet, you have to fetch water from a pond beside the lodge….Yea, you can imagine.

The pond we fetch from. 

So this is an update post on my NYSC experiences. If you are currently serving, how has it been?

In times like this, I wish that NYSC is over, but there are the good times too o: like fresh shrimps, fresh plantains and plenty of free time.

Fresh shrimps about to be prepared. 



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