Voice of truth

The Voice of Truth

There is a voice calling thru the darkness
It is gentle, yet so firm
‘What voice is it that I hear again?’, I ask myself
‘Is a voice what I need now ?’

Voice of truth


Here I am, lost in the wilderness
Far from home with no help in sight
Evil surrounds me and the smell of death permeates the air
‘I am going to die’, I conclude
‘But I am not prepared to face what’s next’

As my soul begins to give in to fear
I hear that voice, it is that same voice that warned me against entering the wilderness
It is gentle and very clear
It whispers in a voice that shouts to me RUN

Suddenly, I feel hope
Strength return to my weakened legs
My heart speaks to my head and my head to my leags
I pick to my heels and begin to RUN

The darkness tries to block my line of sight
I hear voices saying that I would never escape
But a Light shines on me and I hear that gentle voice cheering me on
I can see the mouth of the wilderness
I am closer now
Oh! I am free.

Exhausted, I fall to my knees
I ponder on the course of events that made me enter the wilderness
I ponder on the gentle voice that I’ve heard twice now

What voice is it?
And then I hear it again
It whispers softly to me


No matter what you may be going through today and no matter how far from home you may feel you’ve gone; keep still and listen to the still and gentle voice as it whispers “EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT! “. It is the VOICE OF TRUTH.

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