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Of Little Things and Mustard Seeds

Did you know that-

  • a man sentenced to five years imprisonment five years ago will be released next week and he will thus have served his term and be free to live his life as he pleases again;
  • a child born three years ago will have started talking and attending school;
  • a tree planted around the time the baby was born three years ago would be about a meter high by now?;
  • a seemingly meaningless act of a few minutes ago might have generated into a great thing.

Moments grow into seconds, seconds into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, centuries, millennia and on and on.

Plant your mustard seed today. It takes only a few days/months/years for it to become a grand tree.

Do you see a pattern? What you do in a moment is what grows into years.

From the little seed may grow a mighty giant tree

So, what to do? Where am I going with this?


“It is little”, you may think or say.

But from the analysis and breakdown above, you easily see that what you didn’t think was anything at all becomes something in a matter of days, weeks and you’re left with the fruits.

Jesus said that a mustard seed, though the tiniest of all seeds, when planted, becomes one of the biggest trees after growing to maturity.

Imagine that the farmer discarded his mustard seed during planting because of its size. He would have inadvertently lost a vital part of his orchard that would have led to a greater increase.

Plant your mustard seed today. It takes only a few days/months/years for it to become a grand tree.

Start by planting.

Plant it and watch it jealously.

  • You don’t know if other farmers are simply waiting for your mustard tree to shoot out before planting theirs.
  • You don’t know who needs to be encouraged by your mustard tree before setting off for their own farms with their bags full of mustard seeds.
  • Why let down souls attached to your one little act because you refuse to do it?

Despising the days of little beginnings can come so easily that we tend to do it without even realising we have. Turning down opportunities to help others because we’re in a hurry; failing to meet up with people we’ve promised to meet, or going late; refusing to tell the right people about the right things at the moment the Spirit dropped the thought in our hearts; and many more.

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Be more receptive today. Go out and start planting. By the time your tree begins to yield a hundred folds and house all kinds of birds, you’ll be glad you did.

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