My 2018 Travel Bucket List

Like some of you know, I put some of my adventuring ‘spirit’ to good use last year (you can read some of my experiences here), but I feel like there are so many places to explore.

Why do I want to travel to these places? Cos I like to explore, appreciate God’s creation, learn, meet new people, share value wherever I am, and also to share the gospel.


I will actually love to go on a volunteering trip to some of these places; who knows, my organization, The Outliers might be planning some events in these places… I love multitasking, so ‘twould be good to be able to kill several birds with one or two stones.

Of course, to be realistic, I have to set aside some travelling savings as Kemi Onabanjo, one of the ‘travelletes’ I admire advises, but then miracles happen too. *winks*

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Many times, as we reminisce about a passing year, we realize that the year seemed to have a mind of its own in some particular areas, i.e, some of the things you did not plan for are what you did, while some of the things you planned for you didn’t do them.

One of such for me was my Masters; I had planned to further my education last year, but hey life happens; I’ve learned experientially that plans change and sometimes for the best.

Back to my bucket list, I started the post that way ‘cos I know this list might change during the course of the year. I might travel to more places that I thought I would and miss out on some on my list, despite that, I still need a list to guide me… Are you with me on this?

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I plan to join a travel tour to one or two of these places, attend a conference in these places, or just go on a vacation or staycation.

So, here goes my travel bucket list for 2018, *drum rolls*:

Nigeria Travel Wish List:
Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar,
Olumo Rock, Ogun,
Whispering Palms, Badagry; a general tour of Badagry,
Kajuru Castle, Kaduna,
Omu Resort and Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos.

Africa Travel WishList:
South Africa,

World Travel Wishlist:
Lisbon, Portugal,
The USA.

If the Good Lord is laying it on your heart to sponsor me on any of these trips, or you feel like assisting in kind or cash.. holla at your girl by sending me an email at

I’ll be very glad you did, and I’m sure you will be too…

Do You Have A Travel Bucket List for 2018? Do You plan to go to any of these places? Can we plan a trip together?

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