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October 16, 2018

My First Trip to Omu Resort, Lagos (Loads of Pictures Included)

At the beginning of the year, I had written a bucket list of places I’d like to visit in the year 2018.

However, by mid-2018, I hadn’t been able to tick off any place on my list and I knew I couldn’t end the year on that note.

Thankfully, my friend Itunu started a touring outfit for people that’ll like to travel on a budget, They were organizing a trip to Omu Resort which was on my bucket list and I knew I had to attend.

The trip cost was #10,000 and due to the fact that I had a lot of financial commitments, I wasn’t sure I would be able to participate in the trip, thankfully, they gave a 50% discount just few days to the trip and I jumped on the offer.  Quick tip- always be on the lookout for discounts 😉.

The tour date was set for October 1, 2018, a public holiday, so I was able to fully participate.

Omu resort is located at Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, that is after Ajah on the way to Epe.  We were supposed to converge at the resort by 10 am as we were all going individually.

I was quite excited about the trip and I looked forward to having fun at the resort. I left Yaba for Omu resort around past 9 am. I had a smooth journey to Ajah, using for directions.

With Omu resort being after Ajah and following the direction someone gave , I had assumed it won’t be far from Ajah, but nay, the reverse was the case. First, there is no straight vehicle from Ajah to Omu Resort, so I had to enter a cab going to Bogije.

It was a pretty smooth ride with little traffic till we got to Lakowe, after Lakowe though, there was total standstill due to the bad roads and the rain that fell earlier that day. For almost 30 minutes, if not more, we were in a standstill, after a while though, we got out of the traffic and I alighted at Bogije bus-stop and from there took a bike to Omu Resort.

CIT – Caught in traffic

On getting there the tour representative welcomed me and as soon as I was in, I started taking pictures while waiting for others to arrive. I started by taking a picture with the tallest man in Africa (I know right, I’m very tall 😉)

Tallest Girl in Africa

General Impression

Omu resort is a cool place with a lot of fun things to do. It is more fun to go in a team than to go alone.

Some of the things to do include Go-Kart riding, kayaking, pirate ship ride, mechanical bull riding, space ship ride, zoo, amusement park, plus there were a lot of places to take pictures .

It would be great if we had such a place on the mainland too so that one doesn’t have to go so far.

Highlights of My Trip

  • Spaceship ride – This was really the scariest ride I took that day and the scariest I’ve ever been on. I went on the ride with five other ladies from my trip. I literally screamed all through, but it was fun though.upside down, held in place by a seat belt
  • Pirate ship ride – The pirate ship ride was also a little scary, but not so much.

  • Mission Impossible – I couldn’t get to the top of the ladder o, but some of my friends were able to.

  • The zoo,  Watching a lion eat a live goat

  • Food:- small chops and drinks, Jollof rice with fried plantain and chicken – We were first served small chops with a drink, then we were later served hot Naija Jollof rice made by Estrella Kitchen.

  • Loads of pictures
  • Fun with the people on the tour

  • I took another cool ride (twice), can’t remember the name now, twas pretty cool, though I closed my eyes almost all through my first time on the ride. P.S I can almost gladly say, I’ve overcome my fear of heights, smiles.

  • Unfortunately, the mechanical bull wasn’t working that day, or maybe I didn’t ask. I would have loved to take a ride on it.

  • Archery. See as we were shooting our shots (no pun intended).

  • Finally, I had my first horse ride. No, you are not allowed to shake your head at me. It was a nice ride with my Indian American blood coming into action as I rode gracefully cross the resort. (I believe you read that with understanding, thanks 😉)

The Travelholic team did well with the trip and I’m glad I joined them.

On leaving the resort, we left in teams and took bike first to Bogije Junction, then another bike to Lakowe, so as to beat the traffic and then everyone headed to their different destination.

In all it was an interesting trip. Let the pictures tell the rest of the stories:

upside down, held in place by a seat belt

With Itunu, founder of Travelholic Tours

Have you been to Omu Resort before? What was your experience like?

Did you have a travel bucket list for 2018? Have you been able to tick any destination off your list.

Cheers to more adventure in the remaining months of the year.

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Esther Omikunle
Esther Omikunle
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9 thoughts on “My First Trip to Omu Resort, Lagos (Loads of Pictures Included)

    Author’s gravatar

    I must say even though I have seen the pictures before, I love the details. Would love to visit Omu Resort soon. Thanks for the heads up. 😍

      Author’s gravatar

      Thanks for reading through too and dropping a comment. You’ll enjoy your trip there, I’m sure.

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    Just reading this blog post, I feel like I’m on a tour to Omu Resort all over again. 🤩🤩😍

    Thumbs up Esthitude!

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    First horse ride…. SMH😁😁😀😀.

    I hope to visit our resort soon although it ain’t on my bucket list.

    … And yeah.. I’ve got a bucket list for 2018.. Ticked off and some would have to be moved to 2019 😀

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      I remember saying no one should laugh at me o, it also included not shaking your head at me😎. You should visit it, it’s a cool place. I’ll also have to move some to 2019. Thanks for reading through 😘

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    The tour was on point. I will love to visit there again

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