Tarkwa Bay

Overcoming Hydrophobia: My First Trip To Tarkwa Bay

Hey guys, I know you all are at attention wanting to read about hydrophobia and how I overcame it, or rather, y’all here to see pictures from my first trip to Tarkwa Bay.

First, let me define hydrophobia. Hydrophobia is the fear of water, just like people are scared of heights, spiders, closed spaces, etc, I had this fear of large water bodies, especially being on them.

However, there came a time when I had to choose between staying in my comfort zone and breaking out of hydrophobia, thank God I chose the latter.

Here’s the full gist:

A few months back, my university classmates suggested we have a reunion. A survey was done and it was concluded that the reunion will be held at Tarkwa Bay.

Tarkwa Bay is an island in Lagos State, Nigeria that can be accessed only through water and maybe by air, no roads yet.

Realizing the conclusion of my classmates, I lowkey concluded that I won’t be going for the reunion… Me, on water in the middle of the ocean? What if anything happens?

It felt scary, so I asked a friend who had been there before, and she encouraged me to go; I asked some other folks who encouraged me too.

So I started considering whether or not to go, unfortunately, 2 other major conferences that I was supposed to attend was fixed for the same day and I already got an invite to one of them.

Here was I in a dilemma: attend a conference or go to the reunion? You all know the decision I took right?

I’m glad I made that decision, cos I had a great time, plus I was able to meet with my classmates some of whom I had not seen for over 2 years.

Esther was here

To get to Tarkwa Bay, we took a boat from Bonny Camp, Victoria Island; we were about 16, so we had to take 2 boats.

Bonny Camp

My first boat ride was scary and intriguing; it was a first boat ride for many of us, and we were scared and intrigued, funny enough, the fuel of the boat we were in finished and the boat driver had to refuel. It was a little scary to be in the middle of the ocean waiting for our boat to be refuelled. Anyways, the boat got refuelled and we were there in about 15 minutes that felt like forever.

After we got there and got a hut to sit in, we went ahead to the business of the day. We caught up on latest updates from everyone, played games, discussed, explored the community, strategised on ways to give back to our community and took pictures.

It was a great outing and I was glad I went out with them.

Let the pictures tell the story.

Did you spot anyone you know? Can you guess our university and the department? A quick spoiler, we are techies…If you know, you know.

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