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Hey folks, how are y’all doing? Remember the post I wrote on top 5 places I’ll like to visit in Lagos before January 2018?

After sharing links the posts with some of my friends, different people commented; some indicated interest while others shared their experience, but a particular friend informed that the youths in his church were planning a trip to the beach for October 2nd and the fee was fair, #2500 only. I told him I would get back to him, yeah, I was interested already.

Fast forward to September 30th, I decided that I was going to go. Asides from going to have fun, I was also thinking about The Tribers Beach Hangout that I’m organizing, and it only made sense to go.

For the transportation arrangement, I was supposed to join them at Iyana Oworo bus stop here in Lagos. Amazingly, the rain decided to bless us, it started raining heavily at my place. I began to contemplate not going, but my desire to go overcame.

So I joined them and then we journeyed on… Mhheenn, Ajah is FAAARR…despite low traffic, the journey was about 2 hours, but the fun was worth it. Atican Beach is located in Ajah, Lagos.

On arrival at the beach, I did a quick a look around trying to compare Atican beach with Eleguishi beach (in my mind), no bad reviews, well maybe except the distance. Atican beach is farther, also there are no ocean breakers where you can pose on the rocks like there are at Eleguishi beach.

atican beach atican beach atican beach

The ocean waves were quite high and we had fun playing in the water, we also played ball at the beach.

I feel like if all you do at the beach is play in the water, it is fun enough; the experience of the water crashing towards you and all of that is exhilarating as it is scary.

There were the horses, merry-go-rounds, and swings at the beach. I didn’t ride the horses, but I had a fun time on the swing. We also played games and I was the referee/recorder for those playing scrabble.

Asides being served popcorn on arrival at the beach, we were also served Jollof rice for lunch and donuts to top it off.

Jollof Rice, yum yum

I really had fun; the only ‘but’ to my fun was my cloth choice, it was not the best choice for the beach…. I don’t know why a wore a white top to the beach, but I liked my skirt cos it got dried quickly (I didn’t change outfits).

Have you been to the beach in recent times? What beach was it and what was your experience? Share with me in the comment section below.

At Eleguishi Beach (Dec. 2015)

N.B: The Tribers Beach Hangout (TTBH) an initiative of The Outliers Network, my pet project, is a hangout with focus on networking. It is tagged: INTENTIONAL NETWORKING, a networking event for network shy folks. It is going be a playful, relaxed event featuring games, great speakers and more.

It comes up on the 9th of December and cost of participation is just #3000, with early bird discount of #1000, that is you can pay #2000 until October 25. For more information, sponsorship and partnership, kindly send an email to

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