About Yesterday : The Shanyi Life Hangout and Other Stories

Happy Sunday Fam, trust y’all doing good.

Yesterday was an *owambe* day for many people and the Muslim folks were also celebrating. However, yesterday for me was not an owambe day; it’s been a while since I attended any owambe, who’s got any party soon? Holla at me (wedding party especially) ??

Yesterday for me was fun, educative and tiring too. Stay with me as I take you on a journey to events from my yesterday.

I started the day with 4 things on my mind:
1. Do house chores and wash clothes
2. Quickly go to the market with my friend Ife to get some “sturves”
3. Head over to Silverark workplace for the The Shanyi Life (TSL) Hangout
4. Visit my parents. (Couldn’t get this done though)

The major highlight of the day was the TSL Hangout. This hangout is convened by my blogger and entrepreneur friend, Grace Chinomso Okoli aka Shanyi, it was tagged “From Idea to Business Plan” for entrepreneurs, young adults and creatives.

That look as Shanyi be sharing knowledge as e dey ? (always with my pen) 

I made up my mind to attend this hangout because :
1. I was curious. I wasn’t planning on writing a business plan a anytime soon but I wanted to know what the event would be like.
2. I wanted to support a friend. Since I was free an available tH day, it was only right for me to show up (that’s a form of support, yeah?)
3. I wanted to network. As I mentioned in this post, on of the way to invest in your personal life is by networking and you can’t network if are cooped up in your room all by yourself.
There is a number 4, but I’m not including it ??.

Truth is, Shanyi went over and above what I expected from the hangout, we got value for our time.

It’s important to note that one reason why I really liked it apart from it being educative,was the concise nature of the event. We were just about 20 in the hangout, so we could talk, learn and interact well.

If there’s anything I appreciate, it is a mind/life committed to giving back to the society and that’s what Chinomso is doing. Chinomso was one of the winners of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program this year, she was also nominated for the SME100, 25Under25 awards and she is almost 2 years in her business Shanyi Organics, a beauty brand for natural hair care. She is one determined, smart and beautiful business woman.

Issa fine girls ???

Back to TSL Hangout, the major thing discussed at the event was BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE. Chinomso gave detailed explanation on what a business plan is about and what to know before starting your business. She categorized the business plan template into 6; if you need a soft copy of the business plan template, drop your email in the comment section and you just might get it.??

I learned a lot from the program insomuch that my sleeping entrepreneurial hormones recieved life, and then, as Shanyi hugged me goodbye, she urged me to let go of my procrastination and show the world what I have to offer.

Y’all don’t know how much that got to me; there are so many ideas I’ve been stalling on, but this time, I’m really letting go of my procrastination and excuses, it’s time to show the world WHAT I’VE GOT.??

Like I mentioned, I learned a lot and y’all needed to be there to understand what I’m talking about. This post is quite long already, so I’m going to do another post within the week (or thereabout) on a key issue that touched me at the event and that is “how to handle rejection “.

My friend that I went to the market with already shared a recap of this event on her blog, you can read her version here.

I almost forgot to mention this, but my networking game was not so bad yesterday. I met new friends and reconnected with old ones too.

Did you go out yesterday? Do you Love attending meet-ups or conferences?

Share with me how you spent your weekend and what your views are on conferences and meet-ups.

*owambe – a Yoruba word for party.

Wishing y’all a beautiful week and September. Remember to remain thankful.



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