Hello lovelies, Happy New Year Eve 2017.

Just like that 2017 is winding up already.

This is that time where most folks reflect on the past/passing year while hoping for a better and greater new year. Writing this post to close the blog post for the year reminds me of the last post I wrote in 2016; as I read through the post, I smiled, ‘cos it showed me the power of positive enthusiasm and preparation.

As at this time last year; I was the only writer for the blog, blogging from a very interior village in Delta State,  the blog was still hosted on, the blog didn’t have a logo, no, not even a social media account.

One year later, the blog has grown beyond my imagination: we have a logo, we are self-hosted, we have more writers, we partnered with events to be their media partner, we created our official social media accounts plus other perks. I am thankful to God and to the amazing team that joined me later this year.

The Esthitude Place Logo
Our Logo

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Now this doesn’t mean that the year has been an easy one, in short, it didn’t look so great at the end of the 1st quarter of the year; in short, the blog was not self-hosted until October, but I was able to achieve this and more because it was part of my plans at the beginning of the year.

So, what lessons can you gain from this?

  1. Take a retrospect of your goals for the passing year/ find time to do an audit of your goals for the passing year.
  2. No matter what the passing year might look like, be enthusiastic about the new year and speak what you want in the new year into existence.
  3. There is power in prayers. Find time to pray for and about the new year. Reject every negativity and ask for grace for the new year.
  4. Set smart goals, and not new year wishes or just resolutions. Be intentional about owning the new year, don’t just set goals, work on them, smash them, set more goals and smash them more.
  5. Associate with the right set of people. The choice of people you move with in the new year will determine how far you will go. Make the decision to move with people who will challenge you to get better, not with toxic people that exude negativity, fear and evil.

2018 is a great year already, and for 2018, I am going beyond being intentional to OWNING THE YEAR and LIVING A WHOLESOME LIFE.

Get ready to see amazing changes on the blog ( did you notice the blog’s new layout? Do you like it?); also get ready to read about my beyond amazing experiences in 2018.

I hope this post is already getting you fired up to go WIN, QUEEN and KING in the new year?

How was 2017 at your end? What major feat where you able to accomplish? How is 2018 looking at your end?

WHat would you like us to feature on the blog in 2018? What was your favourite category on the blog in 2017? What do you want us to continue doing and what will you like us to stop doing?

Share with us in the comment section below, and yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 in advance.

Loads of warmth and love,

Esther Omikunle (Esthitude).

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One Comment

  • Deborah

    2017!!! Hmmm. I’d say it’s a year I learnt to be different…break out from restrictions that held me down from being who I am. I came across new people that impacted me. I experienced a major depression in the middle of the year, but I’m ending this second part with a biiiiiig smile on my face because I’m confident 2018 will be better.
    Yes! I loooove the blog’s new look.
    I like all that is featured on the blog and presently do not see/know what is bad.
    We could include puzzles or quizzes in the new year…
    Great work. 2018! We’re owning it together.

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