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Goal Setting – The Flip Side Plus Some Lessons to Learn

Goal setting, the act of setting goals has become quite the rave especially among millenials who are being intentional about their life.

It comes as no surprise to always hear them talk about one goal they are setting or smashing.

This hype around goals and goal setting is not in itself wrong. However, some people get discouraged anytime they hear the word goals or the phrase “goal setting” because all they can associate that with is frustration.

For these set of people, almost every time they set goals, they are barely able to successfully smash them.

For these people, I’ve come to tell a story (better still, some secrets), I’m sure my goal smashing friends will be able to relate too.

1. Every goal-smasher (permit me to use that word) fails at some point and that more than once. If you are fortunate to meet a goal-smasher. Seat him or her down, tell him/her to tell you the stories of their failures, you’ll be amazed at how much they will have to say.

Lesson: We all fail at some points in life, but goal-smashers do not call that failure, they call it lessons. So they learn, make amends and move on.

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2. Most times, goal-smashers do not smash their goals 100%.
Either due to a change in plans, life circumstances, or general happenings, goal-smashers do not achieve their goals 100% all the time; though they try to achieve major goals.

Lesson: Prioritize your goals, start with the most important and then move on from there.

Permit me to look like a serious goal smasher (winks). Side notes: Goal smashers mind their business and are intentional in what they do.

3. Goal-smashers celebrate their successes, even to the littlest of them. Yeah, that’s one of the reasons what they scream about it on their WhatsApp statuses, Instagram handles, Facebook posts and twitter messages. Sharing their goal-smashing stories motivates them to do more and also motivates others.

Lesson: Write your goals down, tick them off as you smash them and always celebrate even the littlest wins.

Celebrate the little wins

4. Goal-smashers write down their goals. Of course, the first rule to goal setting is knowing what your goals are and then writing down your goals.
If your goals are still in your head, please stop what you are doing right now, go to your notepad on your phone or laptop and determine what your goals should be, then write them down

Lesson: Very few people write down their goals, less than 10% actually do and these people who wrote down their goals are more likely to succeed than the others who don’t.

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5. Goal-smashers review their goals. It isn’t enough to write down your goals if you are not going to go back and review your progress.
Goal-smashers review their goals time and again to measure their progress, tick off goals they’ve smashed, change some goals, remove some and even add some more.

Lesson: Find time to review and analyse your goals this year.

Review those goals

Have you learned a lesson or two from the points above? Do you realize that somehow, you fall under the category of goal-smashers? Would you like to add some more points or do you have questions? Do let me know in the comment section.

P.S- I’ll be doing you wrong if I don’t tell you that goal setting starts with the mind, with you having the belief that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve.

If you don’t believe that it is possible to set goals and smash them, it will be hard for you to actually do so. Start by prepping your mind for excellence.

I recommend the book, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

Cheers to an intentional and goal-smashing 2019.
Lots of love and positive vibes, Esthitude.

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