Is This Beauty? Are You Beautiful?

With so many standards of beauty we see everywhere we turn, we can’t help always evaluating ours.

The social media seems determined to always be one step ahead when it comes to the issue.

Log in to Facebook and see the latest pictures of friends and acquaintances shining in their lovely attires, or having the best moments in a dreamy place and you begin to wonder if perhaps life is not cheating you.

Instagram is the official place to feed the eyes on the latest shots of how beautifully other people portray their lives, even if they struggle with demons after they log out.

Sometimes we don’t even need to log in to the internet to be bombarded, looking around is enough. Our next door neighbour comes out in a beautiful combination: dress, shirt, tie, shoes and bag and we immediately feel that ours is probably lacking. We take one look at their faces and wonder how much better our lives would be if we could sport their visage for a day.

A quote I read recently said that:

A perfect life seems to elude everyone, but it is believed to reside in the front lawn of others. #TheEsthitudePlace Share on X

This got me thinking of how often we refuse to see what other people are going through and only see the front they put to feel better and keep good impressions.


It is necessary to remember that despite the lack of money today, not enough clothes, time to really take care of yourself and go places you always dreamed to go or do things you have in your bucket list, you are beautiful.

You’re probably scoffing at this.

But did you know that beauty is in the little moments we don’t even notice?

  • You don’t remember that you are beautiful when you help a fallen child back up.
  • You don’t remember that you’re beautiful when you spend time with your circle members and laugh at a joke they tell you.
  • Or when you tell them a joke to make them feel better.
  • Or when you go on an errand for them because they are depending on you, or not.
  • Or when you teach someone a new thing.
  • Or when you smile kindly at someone who needs the reassurance.

Beauty is not only about the face, it is also what is within. Even though we sometimes don’t feel it. And to ourselves, because we look in the mirror and see the ‘ugly’ parts, we go around believing that’s who we are. However, when we do these little acts, we become beautiful to those who see us.

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The child we have helped up looks into our eyes sees our kind smile and calls us beautiful. The friend we told the joke to or ran the errand for, thinks on us, sees the beauty behind the face and puts in a good word for us in the right place to the right person at the right time.

You don’t look beautiful to yourself, but to those who know who you are, how excited you get when talking about what you love, who see you when you do the menial tasks, who see you strive daily to be like the Master, see and know who you really are: beautiful.

And things begin to look up! Working on creating, mending and growing good relationships is an attribute of beauty we all underestimate. Let’s work on that beauty too.

You are beautiful
Beauty is defined in the little moments. Don't forget. #TheEsthitudePlace Share on X

Beauty is defined in the little moments. Don’t forget. All you have to do is work on getting more and more beautiful. And while you should appreciate other people’s attempt to look beautiful in their own way, don’t let the physical distract you from the true beauty.

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