The Benefits of Meditation || Musings of A Nature Observer

On a calm Thursday evening, I took a stroll down my street holding nothing but my journal and a pen. I found a bulwark to sit on and enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounded me.

Road view

The calm environment afforded me the opportunity to meditate and as I soaked in the beauty around me, my hands began to itch and I had to find a way to express nature’s beauty in words.

This my friends, is what I came up with :

Tarred roads
Green leaves
The revving of a motorcycle engine
And fast shuffling of feets

Palm trees
Wooden canoes
Disinterested faces
And a glimpse of the gently flowing brown river

Okpokunou river
The river

It all comes to me
How the cool breeze plus hazy sun and singing birds are part of His plans
They all in harmony sing a happy tune to the Creator
Oh, how I wish I can express it all in words:

The soft swaying sound of the palm trees
The sharp swishing sound of the overgrown weeds
The sound of children arguing and shouting in deep Ijaw and
The calming effect of the view presented by the river and trees


A large green field
With girls and boys playing football
A lone almond tree
With fruits tempting young and old alike

The blocks of classrooms
Several feets shy of each other
The passerby saying ‘keiden’*
With a downturned mouth.


Sometimes, we need to find time out of our busy schedules and just meditate, reflect and rejuvenate. The benefits of this cannot be overemphasized.

Enjoy life’s process

Do you usually find time to reflect/meditate?
How often do you do this?
Does it normally yield positive results?

Share with me in the comment section below ???.

*keiden – way of greeting in Ijaw

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