Love! Can this important ingredient in a relationship be all it is for that union to succeed?

Some days ago, my mind wandered down the marriage and the thought that struck me was “is love ever enough? Those were my musings that glorious morning and I thought to find out other’s opinion on this love matter.

I’m sure we have, at one time or the other that heard from folks that love is not sufficient to hold a marriage because there are other factors that contribute to the success of a marriage. You’ve heard that there is a need for trust, understanding amongst other legs on which a marriage can stand and be balanced.

Well, let’s hear what some people have to say on this subject before I share my thoughts.

A lady, by name Elizabeth, makes us understand that:

before any relationship can work, there has to be effective communication. This breeds trust and eventually culminates to love. Without these two, there can’t be love. Thus, a relationship is based on good and effective communication.

It seems there is another person with a divergent opinion from the above-stated premise. The person said:

because love is sacrifice, endurance, patience, etc and not just a feeling, it could be enough for a relationship.

Well, another is of the opinion that:

love is beyond the fickle feelings of butterfly in the stomach or goose pimples on your skin. Love has been reduced to how we feel, hence, the concept of love has been greatly abused and limited. Love is enough in a relationship if we see love the way it is stated in 1Corinthians 13 as being kind, patient, not easily provoked, keeps no record of hurt, it’s not envious, etc. All these are the ingredients that form the basis of a relationship, and these various ingredients have been subsumed under love.

If love is being viewed in this light, then it is enough in a relationship. However, if the concept of love has been reduced to some fickle feelings, then the feelings, not love in its true essence is not enough in a relationship.

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You’ll have to swallow a good dose of patience, tolerance and understanding amongst other very necessary pills to have a healthy relationship.


Do you have a divergent opinion? Let’s hear you out in the comment section.

Do you agree with some points stated? Let’s rub minds.

See you in the comments section.

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