He is risen

An Ode to Christ: He Is Risen

It is resurrection Sunday, or Easter Sunday as many Christians call it. The day in itself is a remarkable day for us as Christians and as I read through my Bible this morning, specifically in Luke chapter 24, I could not help but marvel at the greatness of God.

The women got to the sepulchre with spices to check up on Jesus, but the angels were there to announce to them- HE IS RISEN ( new day English would say HE HAS RISEN, but I’m sticking with KJV version -HE IS RISEN?).

And so, I wrote this poem to capture the power of our God and the victory we are granted as His children.

I hope this blesses you.

Arise and shine,

For your Saviour has risen,

The stone is rolled away,

You are FREE


He is not dead,

He has resurrected,

The grave could not hold him down,

He is Alive


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The disciples sat perplexed, wondering,

Was He not supposed to be our Redeemer?

And the HE appeared in their midst,

“Peace be unto you”, He declared


The Son of God became man,

He walked this earth for about 30 years,

So that men may become the sons of God,

And live with him eternally


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He was killed and crucified,

Lucifer rejoiced thinking it was over,

Then He arose on the third day,

Heaven and earth rejoiced for so it was prophesied


The One who calms the storm is risen,

The One who feeds the hungry is risen,

The One who heals the sick is risen,

Our Lord and Saviour is risen


And so, we RISE,

Children of The Most High,

The grave cannot hold us down,

It is time for us to SHINE.

So, go and shine for JESUS, our Saviour, is risen.

Happy Easter.

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