Nigeria's 56th Independence : In Retrospect

Happy 56th indepence to Nigeria again.


I woke up on the 1st day of October with thoughts of “what kind of post can i put up on a day like this?”

Fortunately or otherwise, I wasn’t able to publish the post I had written. It just didn’t feel like it.

However, Okoli Chinomso of the Shanyi Life blog, did a nice post that I think y’all should take a look at.

On a day like this, a song comes to mind: it a song that was normally sung during concerts in youth camp in Church (when I was still going for youth camp).

The song goes thus:

Nigeria my beloved country
Walking together is our dream
Nigeria my beloved country
Her future hope is you and me…..

Another song that comes to mind is Great Nation by Timi Dakolo.

These songs talk about a great nation with great people that believe in honesty, unity and working together to achieve our goals.

Looking back, it can be rightly said that Nigeria has seen good days, but recently, things haven’t been so good.

Our early fathers sacrificed and fought a lot for us to get this freedom, but are we free in the real sense of it?

Truly there’s physical freedom, how about mental freedom? Infrastructural freedom? Educational freedom? Financial freedom? To mention but a few.

As a young lady with plans for her life, I sometimes look at Nigeria and wonder where all this is going.

And as I wonder and ponder on issues, what comes to my mind is that we cannot wait for the government to solve all our problems.

The government has it part to play, but who is the government? It is YOU and I.

We complain about corruption among government officials, but what about the account you falsified in the office just last week?

Nigeria is 56, not as old as the USA or China or Great Britain…… There’s still a long way to go. But it takes more than Buhari to solve our many problems.

We’ve got to start with US,
– we’ve got to pray for our nation
– we’ve got to pray for our leaders
– we’ve got to believe that things will get better
– we’ve got to do our parts
– we’ve got to work together to build our nation again.

Set new records


On a lighter note, there are still some likeable attributes of Nigeria and Nigerians? (Anyone with me on this?)

As we work together to build a better Nigria, name three things you still like about Nigeria.

I’ll go first, see you in the comment section.

1. Nigeria is a beautiful country and though she’s going though tough times, I like the dogged and ‘go get it’ spirit of Nigerians.

2. I like the growth going on in the technology sector.

3. I like Nigeria Jollof rice and Chicken.

We’ve got to still appreciate some things about our country. So your turn.

P.S : Happy new month to you. Have an amazing month.

Image courtesy : Samuel Obadina

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  • Chinomso

    Thanks so much for the mention dear. I literally painted my social media accounts green and white yesterday and I received comments and reactions like what’s the big deal about Independence Day. Someone said its just a word. Apparently, Nigerians are fed up with every thing and it’s normal, I am too sometimes. But since I moved out of Lagos I started seeing Nigeria with another eyes. NIGERIA is so beautiful, it’s citizens are the most loyal. Our soil is freaking fertile, I believe everything EVERYTHING can be grown on our soil. I was speaking a friend and I said I don’t know when this mindset shift happened but I ain’t leaving Nigeria for anywhere. If I can’t get what I want here, I’d stay with what is here or bring those good things here.

    I strongly believe in Nigeria and in this painful process of translation to our best years.

    • dablessed

      I love your spirit girlfriend and that’s just the spirit we need at this time. We’ve got to believe that things are possible and then work at making it possible.
      Truthfully, things are very difficult at this time for many people but we are the change we seek.
      I pray that things turn around for the best, that God help our leaders to do the right thing and make right decisions and that God help us to be the best at what we do and make the best of what we have.

  • Tolulope

    I like the fact dat Nigeria is still a place where you can serve God
    I like the freedom we still get compared to other countries
    I like the “I can do it “spirit among the youths. It’s amazing

  • F. Mercy

    Yeah! like I always say, pessimism will get us nowhere. Thanks Esthitude. So, I like the fact that you can own a property in Nigeria without having to bear crippling mortgages
    2. I like the way you can serve God in most parts of the country freely. we pray that this will not be taken away from us.

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