The Power Of Our Words || Seasons Greetings


Holla fam, happy hols and seasons greetings ?⛄?. How’s the harmattan/winter at your end?

Trust you’ve been well and you’ve been gaining value and living a life of value.

If you’ve been following the #31DaysOfValueWithEsthitude series on my social media platforms, I’m sure you’ve been blessed, inspired and charged. Thanks for being there since the beginning of the year??.

I just want to share a short message with you on the power of our words.

I recently got back from my church December camp meeting and it was an uplifting time in God’s presence.

One of the lessons taught was on the power of our words, and one of the Bible references used is Mathew 12:37, which can be paraphrased as “your words will either justify you or condemn you “.

You are what you say you are; you cannot go beyond the limit you have set for yourself.

As we go into the New Year, let one of your goals be to WATCH YOUR WORDS.

Develop the habit of positive thinking and positive confession. Do not let your circumstances make you confess negatively; learn to speak positively to your life and situations and you’ll see things work out well for you.

In good and bad times, learn to praise God and claim His promises for your life. Do not step into 2017 without getting your Word for the year from God, and start making preparation for 2017 already.

Once again thank you for being there, for taking your time to read through the posts, for the likes, comments, feedback, etc (your interaction and feedback has made my blogging more interesting and persistent). Cheers to an even more amazing 2017.

Much love,

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  • Richard

    The year 2017 is indeed a promising year for me.However,many negative prophesies are gone out already for the year,they say it will be more terrible than 2016 in terms of the economy recession.But I speak in assurance of the word of God,the Bible says when men are cast down,then thou shall say there is lifting up.2017 shall be a year of bountiful blessings all round in Jesus name.AMEN!

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