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5 Important Tips on How to Boost Your Chances of Clinching Your Dream Job

In my church, we have a Young Professional unit – a unit for young graduates, professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. and we meet on alternate Sunday evenings.

In these meetings/fora, we discuss several issues that affect the young professionals from personal development to career tips, to spiritual growth, and more.

In our last meeting, our discussion was centred on boosting one’s chances of getting their dream job and the facilitator really did a good job of dissecting the topic. So I thought to share my note with you (you know I like to keep you informed).

We all, whether you are fresh out of school, working a job, or even running a business need to learn how to either get a job, get a promotion, change a career or get our business right. This post will help you by pointing you in the direction of your dream job or business.

There are so many points to learn. Enjoy!!!

Dream Job

Our facilitator (Head of Human Resources, Chi Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Lagos) started the class by talking about the law of 33% (ever heard of it before?). It can basically be explained as:

  • 33% of your friends should be people you mentor or people who look up to you as a mentor
  • 33% of your friends should be your peers
  • 33% of your friends should be people better than you, people, that you can look up to you

He went ahead to break the topic into five major categories:

– Remaining competitive despite bad grades
– Preparing the perfect CV/Resume
– Getting ready for the interview
– Seeking for promotions
– Career change is not a bad idea

Remaining Competitive despite Bad Grades

Living in a society where it feels like if one doesn’t graduate with the best grade, there is little or no opportunity to get one’s dream job, how can one remain competitive despite graduating with a bad grade from college?
Well, here are some few points to guide you:
1. Have a second degree
2. Build skills and get professional certifications
3. Volunteer in companies that align with the career you want or gain experience by initially working at a lower pay

Preparing The Perfect CV/Resume

In many recruitment scenarios, there are thousands of applicants for one or two available positions. It is important that your CV captures the attention of the HR personnel in the FIRST 5 SECONDS.
So, how do you make your CV stand out?
1. Design your CV in a neat, attractive and orderly manner ensuring the fonts are in sync.
2. Have someone review your CV for you
3. Keep it short, simple and professional

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4. Have different CVs and cover letters for different companies/ job descriptions
5. Ensure there are no typographical errors in it
6. If you graduated with a bad grade, there is no need to put your grade in your CV
7. Save your CV with your name and surname and save as pdf except otherwise specified

Getting Ready For The Interview

You’ve written a killer CV, sent it to the company and now you’ve been invited for an interview, how do you prepare effectively for the interview?
1. Know more about the company and its product
2. Check out the company on google (especially in the news category)
3. Be able to defend what is in your CV
4. Practice possible questions
5. Practice, practice, practice
6. Be calm

I wish you success in that interview.

Seeking For Promotions

In seeking a promotion, your circle of influence matters.
Have you covered all that is expected of you in your immediate position? Have you begun to do even more than what is expected of you in your immediate position?

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To be considered for a promotion, you must prove that you are able to handle the tasks and duties of the next position.
You also need to learn how to manage your boss. Can your boss depend on you? Do you have a good relationship with your boss? These are factors that can determine whether you’ll get that promotion or not.Be

Don’t forget to also gain the skills required for the next position.

A quick hint: One of the key points I learned about dressing in one of the books I read is to:

Dress two steps ahead of your current position

Career Change Is Not A Bad Idea

Thinking about a career change? Then, welcome aboard this ship! Before making that leap into a new career:
1. Be certain about your next step
2. Do professional courses and take training in your field of interest
3. Make friends with people in the new field

So, did you learn anything new? I wish you success in your career/business endeavours.

Note: I added some more points to the note shared by our facilitator.

Need more answers as you journey to career fulfilment? You can send me a mail via admin@esthitudeplace.com. Also, I suggest you read the book – Building a Conscious Career by Abosede George.

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