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Of Photoshoot, Birthday and Restaurant Review

Growing up, my birthday/birthdays weren’t much of a big deal for me, there were some level of celebration at home, but it wasn’t ever like a big deal.

Photoshoot Ish

Photoshoots became a thing for me in Uni where my roommate and I, together with some of her friends would go take pictures during our birthdays, beginning of a new semester or when there is a new cloth/event either at Motion Ground, Megatrends or Clicks (shout out to OAU Alumni, they can relate?)

Anyways, after Uni, I kept up with the photoshoot tradition and this year’s birthday was no different. Seeing that I share the same birth month with my housemate/aburo (she doesn’t like me calling her that, but ???), we usually plan our photoshoot for the same time, this helps to double the ginger and ‘manage’ cost some times.

Last year’s photoshoot
We usually try to do a collabo shot in line with the IWD theme for the year. This was the theme for last year

For this year’s shoot, I wanted to do something different, a playful theme unlike the serious poses from previous years. Thankfully, my sister makes dresses, so we shared ideas and came up with the different themes for this year’s shoot. I knew I wanted balloons, confetti, turtleneck and even an outdoor shoot (which I didn’t later do). My sister made two of my outfits (shown below), while I mixed and matched outfits from my wardrobe for the third outfit (got a new turtleneck though). We used the same studio from our last year’s shoot but we advised them not to over-edit as they did last years shoot. The pictures did come out well and I loved it.

Of confetti, balloons and a dressy gown made by my sister
Aso-oke outfit made by my sister (wearsbytife)
Did a lirru bit of mix ‘n’ match here?

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Birthday Ish

My birthday celebration started even before the birthday date with prayers, calls and serenading from my friends and family. For the main day, it was a work day, so I was mostly working. Yet I was overwhelmed with the love shown both from my friends, family and even social media followers, it was massive. I got some items ticked off my birthday wishlist and several other gifts. Indeed, I felt loved.

Birthday geh

Since I couldnt go out on Friday, I decided to go out on Saturday. Initially, the plan was to go to a play station/game arcade, but plans changed and so we went for food instead.

Restaurant Review

It was my first time at an Ocean Basket Restaurant, but since I loved seafood, and based on online review, I knew I would like their food.

So, we ordered their popular Fish and Fries, an extra fries and a side of Prince Prawns. For drinks, I went for their Ocean Basket Special Mocktail while my sister ordered their Strawberry Milkshake… the milkshake was yummy ??? I loved the moctail too (especially as it was served frozen).

Mocktail, Milkshake (L-R)

On ratings, I think they did great with the fries compared to other fries I have had and the ketchup was sweet and tangy, the fish though, could have been better but I loved the prawns (my sister didnt have any prawn, she’s not so much of a seafood person).

Calamari is next on my to taste list, the waiter advised on the taste, so I thought to pend it till another time. Have you tasted calamari before? Would you recommend I go for it next time?

A view off the sisturrr( madam behind wears by Tife)

In all, it was a beautiful birthday and I’m actually excited about this age, I feel strongly that God has beautiful things in store for me this year and I can’t wait for the unbundling of the amazing things He has in store ???

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You read to the end? Air hugzzz and kilzes for you???
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