NYSC Chronicles : Lessons Life Taught Me Recently

Hello folks, how are y’all doing?

I’ll like to tell you a story about some lessons life taught me recently. If you’ve been following my posts (especially the NYSC category), you should be able to comprehend this story easily. If not, you can catch up via here, here and here.

The story is a little bit long, but please read it to the end.

Minor update : I have less than three months to the completion of my NYSC, so enjoy posts on my NYSC experiences while they last. ???

Back to my story: At the time when I was posted to the community where I am currently serving, there was just one serving Corp member there and the situation of things there wasn’t palatable at all (you can read this for a recap).

Two of us were posted there at that time, and one of the major reason why I decided to stay there is the lodge: the Corpers lodge there is nice and comfortable, but there’s no water supply, power supply, and the only available network was MTN Edge.

Coping with these situations was difficult at the first, but I and the other Corp member began to disturb the school or community to give us a generator. Two other Corp members were added to us, and the generator issue was fixed. Then came the issue of fueling the gen, some of the Corp members were not willing to contribute for fuel (because they had few devices and had other ways to charge their devices). The generator that was given to us was just there, no fuel to power it.

To shorten the whole story, December last year, new Corp members were added to us, seven of them, specifically requested for by an honorable representing the Local Government constituency.

In a very short time, the new Corp members met and deliberated on powering their lodge (we have two lodges in the same building). They invited us, the old Corp members to a meeting to deliberate on the issue of powering both lodges.

Before you could say jack, each one of them had contributed money to buy wire and other things needed to fix up the gen. Two out of the old Corpers were unwilling to contribute, but those of us that needed power supply contributed.

In other words, because of their unity and the strength of their number, we were able to power one of the lodges, and arrangements have been made to fix the wiring for the second lodge in few days from now.

The other major issue is water supply. Did I mention that there was a non-functional borehole in the lodge?

Earlier, before the arrival of the new Corp members, whenever we complained about water, we were told that the solar pump for the water had been stolen and there was no means to pump the water. However, when the latest Corp members came and they laid the complaint before the honorable who requested for them, he ordered the community leaders to find a solution to the problem and in no distant time, a pump was produced, pipes were fixed and a big gen to pump the water was provided.

Water pumping process

The water that had not been pumped probably for some years, was pumped and water problem resolved.

Thank you for staying with me throughout my storytelling. The major lessons that triggered me to write this post are:

1. The power of unity: when a people are united, they can achieve much. Remember the story of the tower of Babel.

2. The strength in numbers : yes, there is strength in numbers. Some of the things that were done were because of the number of Corpers Now present in the community.

3. The importance of favor : I see favor at work at work here. We prayed and hoped before the new Corp members came around and when they came around, two major issues were fixed.

4. The significance of learning an hand work (vocation) : another thing that speeded up the process was the fact that most of the work was done by the New Corp members (they are mostly guys). We were not waiting for chairman to send an electrician. The guys that fixed things up were not even in the science department, but they had the knowledge and it worked for us.
What skill are you learning today? Remember, no knowledge is wasted.

I hope you all have learnt one or two lessons from my story. Share your thoughts and your NYSC experiences with me in the comment section below.

Finally, I can now charge my devices and also get water with little stress. Hooray ??✌

Happy me

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  • Richard

    There is this saying that where there is a will,there will often be a way. You will never know that you can do a particular thing until you conquer your inability thought inside and take the first step of trusting, and then trying. The achievements you got all started when you believe they can be done by trusting God. and the all knowing God compensated you by sending people of like minds to you in order to achieve those achievements.

  • Deborah Akindulureni

    This is overdue but I’m saying it anyway, because I am now wearing the shoes ?
    NYSC has been a real lesson. Guess it’s a general thing to have no light and water. JK tho.
    Nice lessons you shared there. The point is to learn. And be thankful.
    So far, things have been going a bit slow but I’m hoping for serious action in a few days. But the unity of we new corps members is strong enough to bind the strong man ?? New people rock! ?

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