I know who I am, ‘cos I know whom I have believed ;

I am what I am ‘cos of He who resides in me;

I do what I do ‘cos I know who directs my affairs;

I say what I say ‘cos I know whose words I speak;


I’m not moved by what goes on around, ‘ cos I know where I belong;

I don’t join the bandwagon ‘cos I’m uniquely different;

I don’t catch up with the Joneses ‘cos I’m made to stand out;

I don’t bow to the dictates of this world ‘cos I’m not ruled by its prince;


My heart is fixed and my gaze set, for I know my destination;

My mind is made up, no looking back, for I look to an eternal inheritance;

My anchor is fastened to the rock of ages, hence I’m unshakeable;

My foundation is built on Christmas,  a guarantee for a great mansion;


I am an heir of God, a joint-heir with Christ;

I have a lion living in me, I fear no foe;

I’m molded and refined to His image, ready for a glorious reign;

I’m bound for heaven, no turning back.


I know who I am. What about you?


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