About Last Weekend – Of Vigils and Hair Troubles

Hello folks, how are you doing this week? Trust you had a great weekend.

Well, my weekend was short, really SHORT. I mean, I couldn’t even get to do much.

Let me explain that more explicitly.

So, the weekend started Friday evening and I had to attend a prayer vigil. My mum actually invited me to the vigil and it felt good to be able to just talk to God, worship and carry out some spiritual exercise. Lols, I know I’m going all spiritual on you, but hey, I believe in prayers.

Back to my story, so Saturday morning I got back home, slept from 7am until 11am, woke up and mom had prepared Pap and Akara.

I ate, washed my clothes, did some chores and then it was time to head to the salon (now, this is the highlight of my story).

Permit me to digress a bit to this hair matter.

I’ve been having a lot of issues related to hair making recently; first off, I’m a 4c/4b kind of naturalista, i.e., my hair is not texturized or relaxed; it is not short and not so long too, it is soft but not full. Hope you have an idea of how my hair is like?

My favorite hair-do for now is threading, cos it lasts longer than other styles I make, and it is easy to uninstall. I use baby wool or brazillian wool to thread.

I always dread losing my hair cos I would have to start thinking of the next style to make; so, I try to make styles that would last for at least a month. So far, only threading does this for me (N.B, I don’t do weave-ons/fixing)

I don’t like braids too, cos it is difficult to uninstall amongst other reasons(I know right, quite pathetic??).

So, I’m limited to twists and threading as my go-to hairstyles, and even the twists don’t last as long as I would love them to. In case you have any suggestion, kindly let me know in the comment section. Thank you.

Back to my story, so yesterday I had to make my hair (threading of course), the hair I was carrying was a weaving I made with wool that was really rough (just after one week?).

Didn’t snap any picture during the week apart from this…( so here you are, my hairstyle from last week)

Anyways, I got to my hairdresser’s salon at about past 2pm, and didn’t finish making my hair until about 7.40 pm or thereabout (did u scream WHAT, too?).
Almost six hours making my hair.

And that’s how my Saturday went, I was supposed to attend a conference, but couldn’t make it. So, I got home really tired, ate, prayed and hit the sack; all my weekend plans were nowhere to be found.


I woke up Sunday morning, prepared for church, and then zoomed to church in the rain.

After I got home from church, I washed the remaining half of my clothes, did some stuffs, selected my outfits for the new week, had to go back to church again for a cell meeting and all I was left with was a few hours to accomplish all that I had planned for the weekend. You feel my pain too, yeah?

With the few hours left, I had to:
1. work on the social media pages of The Esthitude Place and The Outliers Network. Kindly visit the pages on Facebook and Instagram using this link and this.
2. Revisit my list of weekend to-dos and tried to do some of them.
3. Work on blog posts for the week ( this is one of it), before I hit the sack.

And that’s how I spent my weekend. How did your weekend go? I’m sure it was longer and more eventful than mine.

Dear ladies, what is the longest duration that you can carry a hairstyle?

Share with me in the comment section below…

In other news, I’ll be speaking alongside other awesome fellows at the WordPress Lagos Meetup for bloggers, designers, etc., on the 30th of this month and I’ll be speaking on the topic “Tips On How To Succeed As a New Blogger on the Block”.


If you are in Lagos next weekend, make sure to stop by Best Western Hotel, Allen, Ikeja and let’s have a good time together. Please note: the venue has been changed to Suru Express on Joel Ogunnnaike in GRA Ikeja (49A, Joel Ogunnaike Street Off Mobolaji Bank Anthony G.R.A Ikeja. 100271).

Thank you for taking time to read through this post. I’m glad you did, and I’m sure you are glad you did too.

I wish you a be-you-to-the-ful week. Go break a leg.

P.S:- can someone please help me tell Mr. President to increase the number of days in the weekend, plllleeeeaaassee. Tenkiu feri mush???

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  • Diadem

    Lolsss…..I can relate very well with the Hair struggle, i’m a naturalista too, had my share also over the weekend flash back to friday evening after a long day work i had it as part of my today list to loosen my hair friday night, took me over 4hrs to uninstall(lemme borrow your word..lols) my tinny braid, i braided it only with my hair no attachment which lasted for 3wks, am thankful for the nature of my hair, very full, long, healthy. not too hard, not too soft, so i rock my natural hair most time twist,braid(without attachment) i thread sometimes which last longer (max 6wks) .My aim was to style it for this week which i did and have it fixed this coming long might be thinking long weekend, yea independence pub hols..lols i love public hols like kilode…my employer must not hear this #running away#
    Weaved,braided or twisted with only my hair..(3wks)
    Thread, twisted with wool(max of 6wks)
    Tips:Grooming a healthy natural hair requires patience
    Know your hair type and Use appropriate hair products(i use WE NATURAL hair product)
    I ensure i hit the saloon very early(prefer to be the first person to attend to), just want to get there, have it done and say good bye.
    Do home service once a while(for days that i need to fix my hair, but not ready to leave the comfort of my home) this saves me a lot of time but it means more money for the service.

    • Esthitude

      I love your hair already, Diadem, coman dash me pleeease?.
      I wish my natural hair weaved can last two weeks, if is only when i twist my natural hair that it lasts two week.
      During NYSC, i had time to style my hair and all, but now, no time o, especially in this Lagos.
      Thanks for the tips dear, i really do appreciate your feedback. It really made me happy.
      I look forward to reading your comments more on the blog, enjoy yourself.

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