October 1, 2017, happens to be a Sunday, and it’s just no coincidence!
This is a Clarion call to all BELIEVERS who hope for a better country that we devote some quality time to PRAY for NIGERIA on October 1st.
See, everything that happens in the physical is controlled by the spiritual. Truth is, complaining, agitations and blame game will not solve our problems. Much more can be done through our prayers.
Therefore, if you are a believer, if you love this country, if you believe God still answers prayers and there’s nothing impossible for God to do, JOIN IN THIS PRAYER CAMPAIGN!
Great miracles happen when children of God pray *right* and *earnestly* for their country.
Recall 2 instances in the Bible:
1. Nehemiah prayed to God on behalf of Israel and great deliverance happened. Neh. 1:1-11.
2. Also, Daniel alone interceded for his country in Daniel chapter 9, and God heard.
Nothing is impossible when we pray.
To all beloved country people who *truly love this nation at heart*, let’s spend quality time this Sunday to pray for our dear country Nigeria. Let’s pray in all churches and worship places.
God bless Nigeria.
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  1. Nigeria really needs divine intervention. As a lot of variables are really working against the progress of the country. But nothing is above our Maker. Well done, Esther. You are a true Nigerian.

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