In a Mix

It’s a MIX
There is a lot of confusion
Somethings are just not right

Fear rises like a mighty wall
Courage seeps out like a leak
Through the wings of prayer
Hope tries to rise

Purpose seem not have a direction
Clouds of fear blocks the picture of the future
Is it all going to end up in the sea?
All of life’s purpose?

In the midst of the fear, anger and frustration
A voice rises
There’s gotta be a way
It is not meant to end this way

Hope defies the mountain of fear
Courage rises in the face of danger
Purpose returns to the path of fulfilment
There’s got to be a good ending

P.S: it’s been a while, thanks for stopping by to read. Always remember that no matter how bad the matter may be, There’s got to be a good ending

Much love,

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