Memoirs from Issele-uku

Hey folks! This is a short recap of my experience at NYSC Orientation Camp, Isselu-uku, Delta State.

The days there were stressful, hectic and had a little bit of fun included. Enjoy!!!!

Green leaves
Swaying in the wind
Brown sand
Hot beneath my white shoes
Mango trees and fallen mangoes
Everywhere I go



Fully kit soldiers
With their beagles call
White fowls*
Hasten out at the call
To the parade ground
They all run



Long queues
New friends
Very short nights
Days filled with stress and fun
A regimented style of living
Filled with drills and some thrills
Oh! What a life
It happens just once in a lifetime.


imageI hope you enjoyed my short write-up, how was your camp experience?

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