Hello July, Goodbye June.

Hello beautiful people, welcome to the month of July.
It feels like yesterday when we were greeting each other ‘Happy New Year‘ and now, the second half of the year is upon us.

As we begin another journey in this second half of the year, it is very easy for us to begin to worry and fret about the many things we are yet to do.

Inasmuch as it is important for us to reminisce and ponder on how we have spent the first half of the year, including the good, bad and ugly, this post is aimed at thankfulness and assurance.

Truly, the journey from January to June has not been an easy one, it has been a trying time economically, financially, and mentally. Many people lost their loved ones, others lost precious items. But through it all, you were able to make it.

Even if you are reading this in the prison cell or anything, the point is, you mad it through. This should be a reason to be grateful and also thoughtful.

There was a point in the month of June, that I just wanted June to be over, the death rates were just too high, people were going through a tough time. Nevertheless, June is over and July is here.
The same God that has been there for us never sleeps or slumbers. He has promised to see us through.

So, as July begins, I want you to start the month with a thankful and assured heart that things are going to work out JUST FINE (cos God has said so).
So, put on a smile and go shake your world.

Cheers to a prosperous, overflowing and overglowing second half of the year.


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