Lessons from My First Fishing Experience

Hello dear reader, trust you have been well and trust the month of June has been treating you well. Join me in my story, as I share with you one of my latest adventures.

I’ve lived in the city most of my life, so, all I know about fishing is what I’ve read in books. But due to my recent call to National Youth Service, I’ve come to learn new culture and I’ve also gained new experiences, one of which is my fishing experience.

As I mentioned earlier, I basically had no idea about fishing, but I am now chanced to live in a community that has lots of water, even in the compound where I reside, there are pools of water.

I remember my new neighbor telling me that there are fishes in the little pools of water in our compound, but I didn’t believe him, cos, there were dirts and grasses covering the water. Few days later though, I had the first hand experience of watching a fish get caught.


Apparently, I wasn’t the one that went through the *fish catching* process, but I was opportune to watch the whole process, from start to finish.

And if you are like me that has not been on a fishing adventure before; sit back and sip a drink as I share with you the process involved, in details.

1. Preparing the bait: The guy that was to catch the fish first went to get the worms that would serve as bait. The hook was already attached to a rope and tied to a stick ( of course,there was no boat involved). The worm was then inserted into the hook.

2. Waiting for the Fish: The stick (with the bait on the hook) was then put into the water. After that, we stood aside waiting for the fish to eat the bait.

3. Catching the Fish: Once any movement was noticed on the rope, the stick was quickly brought out and flung from the water. There were times when the hook was stuck in something else, like a dirty nylon. Nevertheless, we were able to catch some catfish and a mudfish.



4. Killing the fish: Apparently, the reason for catching the fish was not just to say hello. One of the fish ( the mudfish specifically) was kept in a bucket of water, to be killed at another day, but the catfish were killed, cleaned, cooked and they later ended up in a pot of soup.


Thanks for stopping by to read, hope you enjoyed reading about my fishing experience.

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