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The Sand, Block and Building Analysis – An Analysis of Life

Sometimes we happen to life and other times life happens to us, but it is all a process, the sands and block and cement and water are all working together. This I call the sand, block and building analysis. – Esthitude

Most of us know what sand, block and a building are, and if asked which is most important or which is most noticeable, we’ll most likely say it is the building.

Today, I want to try to show you the importance of both the sand, block and building and how it relates to us as human beings and our process/journey in life.

The Sand, Block and Building Analysis

Sand is very common, especially in this part of the world, we see it almost every day as we walk on the road. The block is a little rare and found many times in the block industry; it is formed most times from a mixture of sand, cement and water. The building is formed when two or more blocks are arranged in a way to form something coherent.

Same goes for a building made with bricks or glass, the materials that for the glass are first gotten, the glasses are worked on to make them strong and then fit together to form a building.

All these steps are what I like to call The Process.

So, how does this relate to us as human beings?

Every human has his/her own life process; many times when in the sand stage, we grumble and complain that things are not working for us as they should. We complain that our life is plain and ugly, and there is nothing fun or interesting about it. This sand stage I call a stage of discovery.
As we grow and advance, it looks like things are beginning to take shape, some days we are happy because we hit a particular milestone, other days we are sad because an activity we started working on didn’t turn out well. This I call the Block Phase – in this phase, some aspects of our lives (like the blocks) will turn out fine, some other aspects might not turn out well and things (like the blocks) may crumble. This stage is the phase of adulthood; sometimes we happen to life and other times life happens to us, but it is all a process, the sands and block and cement and water are all working together.
building analysis
We are a work in progress. You are allowed to be a masterpiece and work in progress simultaneously

After a while, as the blocks are being set, the building begins to take shape, things begin to make more sense, we begin to realise why we went through some phases and then after the additions and contribution of some other factors like wiring, plumbing, etc., the whole building is completed and we can say the building phase is completed.

I do not think anyone or most people on earth actually get to that stage where the whole building is totally completed, however, some folks are fortunate enough to see most of the building completed, i.e, most of the things in their life begin to make sense, their hustles pay off, they go to school, get a job, have a family, etc. Some folks may never be so lucky because some factors may refuse to get together and their building is just tilting at an angle that indicates the building might soon collapse.

building analysis

Studying the lives of those whose building really take shape and their blocks stay together, I realise that most of them have a special cornerstone that keeps their building grounded. On a closer inspection, I take note of the cornerstone and it is a really special piece, one that cannot be gotten anyhow.

I want to believe that you get the hang of this sand, block and building analysis.

When the block is being formed, we do not appreciate the mixture of sand, cement, etc. When it is being arranged to build the house, it kinda makes more sense and when the building is complete, we literally forget the process of sweating to get the blocks formed, we are just excited that the project is complete.

Life is a process and even though it looks hard, tedious and ugly, we will scale through and be grateful at the end.

Before I end my analysis, I just want to tell you about that special cornerstone, that Cornerstone is Jesus and He is the ONLY ONE who can keep your building strong and safe in this storm called Life.

The Bible says most builders reject this cornerstone, but the rejected Cornerstone then becomes the Chief Cornerstone.

Have you been rejecting Jesus from being the Chief Cornerstone of your life? He alone can give you peace and true fulfilment in life; accept Him into your heart today by confessing your helplessness and asking Him to come into your life and be your anchor and Chief Cornerstone.

You can say these words:

Dear Jesus, I thank you for offering to be the Chief Cornerstone of my life, I acknowledge that I am helpless without you and that it is only in you I can be all that you want me to be, I invite you into my heart to be my Chief Cornerstone, thank you for hearing me. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Yea, that’s it. If you said that in faith, Jesus has become the chief Cornerstone of your life. I wish you a life filled with greatness, peace, awesomeness and fulfilment.


Love and Sunshine,
Esther Omikunle (Esthitude).
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