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Happy new month folks!

It’s the first day in the first month in the last quarter of the year. How fast the year has flown. Remember all the plans at the beginning of the year, the goals for the year and all that?

Now is the time to carry out a review of those plans, those goals you laid out at the beginning of the year and those landmarks you planned to accomplish. Bring out your planner and check how much ground you’ve covered.

If you are still lagging far behind, well you have four months to try to make up for lost time and if you’ve been able to cover much ground, KUDOS, but don’t stop. Keep at it.

Remember, if you keep doing a thing the same way, you’ll keep getting the same result. So if need be, change your technique. I pray that in this new month, we’ll be favored in all our labours.

Question for the month: what new feat will you accomplish by the end of this month?

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