Source: Being Tribal.

The flaws we try to hide, are all exposed in the public now.

The only way not to have to keep track of what you say or do, is by being honest and truthful. A liar will always have to try to remember what he/she said the last time so as not to expose his/her lies. This goes on for a while until the liar is caught up in the web of his/her creation. Someone rightly said that honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

Someone is watching you either for good or for bad. Either ways, people are learning from your lifestyle. Strive to live a life that will challenge others to become better or to do something they’ve imagined they could not do.

You don’t have to be on interviewed on CNN or maybe participate in “Project Fame” before you become a star. You are a star to someone. Someone is inspired by what you do, your character, charisma and poise, your leadership streak….

No matter how small what you think you have is, someone is looking up to you. Don’t disappoint yourself, don’t disappoint your generation, don’t disappoint God.

Go inspire someone today.

I was inspired to write this post when i read Being Tribal.( by Tola Oladimeji.

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