The Maker

Excerpts from The Maker Lyrics by Chris August:

I see You in the sunrise
I see You in the rain
I see You in the laughter
I feel You through the pain

Everything that You have made is beautiful
Oh, my God, I can’t believe my eyes
But in all of this to think that You would think of me
Makes my heart come alive

Your love is like a mighty fire deep inside my bones
I feel like I could climb a thousand mountains all at once
And I never have to wonder if somebody cares for me
I love the Maker
And the Maker loves me

I see You, You are creation
I see the grandness of Your majesty
The universe is singing all Your glory
I can’t believe You live inside of me

More than just some words upon a page
You’ve shown me in a million ways
But there is one that stands above them all
Hands of creation on a cross.

#MyThoughts: Some songs just have a way of mirroring your thoughts in such a great way, not to mention the sweet way in which the melody flows, that you cannot but just lift your hearts(and hands) in worship. Sometimes we have to stop concentrating on ourselves to place our focus on He who created us in true worship and adulation.

I believe true worship should be first from a pure heart.

What is your basis for true worship?

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